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David, Cloe, Lotty, & Daniel: Petition, Princess Anne County

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interested in her part or proportion of the aforesaid land and other property. And here your Petitioners beg leave more particularly to state and make known to your Honors, that the Brothers and other representatives of the said Emanuel Fentress, being much dissatisfied and displeased with his said Will, and in order to deprive your Petitioners of the property thus given and devised to them, made frequent unlawful and unjustifiable attempts to induce the subscribing Witnesses to said Will not to prove it, and they attainably so far succeed in their said attempts with one of them, that is to say, Simon M. Etheridge as to prevail on him to refuse to prove the same, altho' [although] he had some time before their unlawful means had been practised upon him, frequently declared in the presence of divers persons, that he believed the said Emanuel Fentress was in his perfect senses at the time he executed his Will. That in consequence of the fraudulent conduct and practices of the persons above alluded to, the Will was only proved by Thomas Hanly the other subscribing Witness. That being thus situated, your petitioners were driven to the disagreeable necessity of instituting a Suit in Chancery in the Court of the said County of Princess Anne against the Brothers and other representatives of the said Emanuel Fentress, to investigate the fraudulent means used and practised by them, and to establish the validity of the said Will, and so as to entitle your Petitioners to the Land