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David, Cloe, Lotty, & Daniel: Petition, Princess Anne County

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thereby intended to be conveyed to them, as by a certificate of the Clerk of the Court of said County, herewith sent will also appear. Your Petitioners further shew unto your Honors that from the great delay of business in that Court produced by the present War, and from other causes it is highly probable that your petitioners said suit will not be tried for a considerable length of time. That under all the circumstances of your petitioners' peculiar situation it will be absolutely necessary for them to remain in the County, more especially for the purpose of procuring the testimony of witnesses, and in order to pay the heavy expenses usually attending such cases. That of this, the Brothers and representatives of the said Emanuel Fentress are well assured, and the more effectively to accomplish their unjust and fraudulent designs, they have lately attempted to alarm and frighten your Petitioners out of the State, by an application to the overseers of the poor of said County, in which they alledged, that as the said Emanuel Fentress had been dead upwards of twelve months, your Petitioners were liable to be apprehended and sold as slaves under an Act of Assembly in that case made and provided. Your petitioners therefore humbly implore your Honors to take this representation of their case in to your most serious considerations, and to interpose your authority in their behalf by a Law to be passed, whereby they may be permitted to permanently to remain in the said County of Princess Anne, to enjoy the benefit of the Land and other property given and