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Doxey & Jack: Petition, Princess Anne County

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which his situation requires; he ventures to say that all the persons in the County who know him would bear willing testimony to his good deportment and his usefulness. He therefore humbly prays that your honourable Body would take his case into consideration that he may be authorized by law, to pass the residue of his life in the land of his birth, with his wife and his ch[i]ldren and his friends on whom he may inculcate by his example as well as by his precepts, that fidelity and good conduct as slaves will be the surest recommendation to favour and protection. Or if that boon be too great a reward for the Legislature to b[e]stow, he prays that he may be allowed to remain for any term of years to be fixed by the Legislature, and he willingly agrees to forfeit the benefit of the law should he by the Judgment of any Tribunal be convicted hereafter of any crime or misdemeanor however slight. Jack his mark Witness

We the subscribers residents of the County of Princess Anne, are many of us acquainted with all the facts stated in the petition; and beg leave respectfully to solicit of the Legislature, that the petitioner may be allowed to remain for life in the State. His past good conduct and integrity, are pledges of his future fidelity, and his skill and industry in his trade are such that his removal would be prejudicial to the neighbourhood, which has been heretofore accustomed to have their work done by him.