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Fentress, Edward: Petition, Princess Anne County

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directing the auditor of public accounts to pay him, the amount of his said claim and as in duty bound your petitioner will ever pray. Edward Fentress, X his mark Jailor of Prs. Anne County. Teste Lewis Martin[,] J. J. Burroughs

Princess Anne County, to wit: Whereas Harry a slave belonging to Priscilla Hall of Princess Anne County hath been apprehended in this County, and this day brought before me Elzy Burroughs a justice of the peace for said County, by Thomas Ward (Constable) for having been permitted by the said Priscilla Hall to go at large and hire himself out, contrary to the act of the general assembly in such case made and provided: and it appearing to me, that the said Harry comes within the purview of the said act. These are therefore to require you to receive the body of the said Harry and him safely to keep in your said Jail and custody, until the next Court to be held for the said County, or until he shall thence be discharged by due course of law. Given under my hand and Seal this 5th day of January 1833. Elzy Burroughs J. P. (Seal) To the Keeper of the Jail of Princess Anne County }

At a Court held for Princess Anne County the 4th day of February 1833. It appearing to the Court that Harry a slave belonging Priscilla Hall of this County, hath been permitted to go at large and hire himself out contrary to law. The Court doth impose a fine on the said Priscilla Hall of Twenty seven dollars and fifty cents for so suffering and permitting her said Slave to go at large and hire himself out as aforesaid, and all the costs and charges attending this prosecution; and there being neither Sheriff nor Coroner of this County. It is further ordered that Smallwood Thomson a Constable of this County and acting as sheriff thereof, sell the said Slave Harry and dispose of the proceeds thereof according to law; and the said Harry is to be retained in custody until the said fine is paid or sale made as aforesaid. Upon a Copy of the above order & Judgment the Constable made the following return, "Pursuant to the within order I advertised the said negro Harry to be sold on the first Monday in April, and I accordingly offered him for Sale on that day before the Courthouse door of this County, but could not get a bid and consequently he remains unsold and in custody. S. Thomson Const." At a Court held for Princess Anne County the 6th day of May 1833. It appearing by the return of S. Thomson made on a former order of this Court directing Harry a negro slave should be sold for going at large &c [etc.]. that a sale could not be made in consequence of no person being disposed to bid upon him. it is ordered with the assent of the attorney for the Commonwealth that he be discharged from custody. The Commonwealth of Virginia To Edward Fentress Jailor of Princess Anne County [Dr.? Or.?] To Jail fees for negro man Harry from the 28th December 1832 to 6th of May 1833 @ 33 1/3 pr. day (for going at large contrary to law) $43.33 To Receiving and Releasing same [+] .42 [= total] $43.75