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Grills, Charles T.: Petition, Pulaski County

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3 county it a house in Pulaski County which she [illegible] belonged to a Mr Kent that on the morning the attempt was made by Willis she was passing by a field near the main road where the Boy Willis was at work. that she saw Mr. C. Grills on horse back and another Boy ploughing, at a distance, he hallowed to her and asked her if she was going to the wedding, she replied she was not, and passed on, that when she had gone some considerable distance, she saw the Boy coming through the woods, and cross a fence before her, that when she came up to him he asked her name & where she was going, she told him her name and that she was going to her fathers, that from the appearance of the Boy she apprehended some danger, but did not communicate her fears to a person passed her on the road in a two horse waggon nor did she tell the family of a Mr Dawson by whose house she passed, because she was unacquainted with anyone, and hoped she would be able to reach Ingles Ferry which was near, a mile further, that after she had passed Dawsons house some distance in a turn of the road she came suddenly near the boy who was splitting [pins? pine?] with [illegible] axe that she passed near to him and asked him what he was doing there. He replied he was splitting pine to make a light to which she replied to was not so, for he was after no good, that the boy then made a proposition to her (which was understood by the court) but she refused