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Brown, Sally: Petition, Richmond City

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In the name of God Amen, I Robert Brown Physician of the City of Richmond being weak and low in Body but of sound and disposing mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner following. Impimis, I direct that all my just debts be paid and discharged. Item. I give to the little girl Salley now of my family and to her heirs for ever a yearly Annuity to the full amount of one tenth of all the rents profits and Issues of my whole estate real & personal and for the due payment of the said annuity charge the whole of my said estate. Item I give and bequeath to James Lyle son of my friend James Lyle of Manchester and to his heirs forever that part of my tenements situate on the Main Street of this city now in the oc[c]upation and tenancy of Simon Vashon and John Stewart withall the ground and Improvements by them respectively held together with all the rents issues and profits of the Same, the part of Simon Vashon he is to enter into possesion upon ground rent about the first of May next. Item I give to the said James Lyle son of my aforesaid friend and to his heirs forever on [one?] half acre Lot parralel [parallel] with the lot of Miles Taylor deceast [deceased] and running back next to the river and adjoining my Garden and pasture. Item I give to the said James Lyle son of my aforesaid friend and to his heirs forever one half of all the lots and Tenements belonging to me at or Adjoining Rockets to be laid off at the upper part next to the place now occupie[d] by James Bennet and Extended by a line through the middle from the road or main Street to the River. Item I give and bequeath to the little Boy Billy now of my family some times Called Billy Brown and to his heirs forever the Brick Store and about thirty six feet of Ground in front on the main Street extending to the ground rented by Mr Stewart and running back to the river including all the ground and houses with the garden & pasture now in my own occupation. Item I give to the said Billy alias Billy Brown on [one] half acre lot in the Town of Manchester for which I have obtained a deed from Charles Cartar Esqr executed before two Witnesses to him the said Billy Brown and his heirs forever Aj-5