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Brown, Sally: Petition, Richmond City

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And I desire that my Executors herien after named will procure him a sufficient deed in law for the same. Item I give to the said Billy Brown and to his heirs forever all the remaining part or other half of all my lots at Rockets to be laid of at the lower end next to the land of Charles Lewis and extended by a line through the Middle from the road or main Street to the river. Item I direct that all my personal Estate of [whatsover?] kind except my writting [writing] Table desk and cabinet which I give and bequeath to my good friend James Lyle the elder may be sold and the money applied to the payment of my debts and the other purposes of this will. Item In case of the death of the two before named legaties [legatees] James Lyle the younger and Billy Brown or either of them before they attain the Age of twenty one years I give and bequeath all and Singular the lands lotts and tenements with their rents issues and profits its herein devised to them respectively to John McKeand son of my friend John McKeand and Benjamin Lewis son of my friend Benjamin Lewis to them and their heirs forever equally to be divided between them. But if it should so happen that they or either of them should not be living at the time of the death of the said James Lyle and Billy Brown or either of them under age as aforesaid. then I give and bequeath such Moiety or the whole as the case may be to the other Male Children of the said John McKeand and Benjamin Lewis who maybe then living to be equally divided between them in fee simple. Item I direct that all the money proceeding from my Estate after payments of my debts and which may not be necessary for the immediate support of Billy Brown be laid out at the direction of my Executors in buildings and improvements on the lots herein before devised to the said Billy Brown and let to rent for his benefit. Item I desire that my Executors will provide a fit and proper education for Billy Brown and to this end that he may be sent to Scotland and ma[i]ntained at School in Such Manner as in the direction of my said executors the rents and profits of my Estate may admit of and anything in this my will before contained seeming to the conterary [contrary] I charge my whole Estate with the rents issues and profits of the same with the maintenance and education of Billy Brown