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Brown, Sally: Petition, Richmond City

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1st After perusing Dr. Robert Browns Last Will, you will please annex answers to the following queries. [We? 1st?] Was the Girl Sally entitled to the tenth part of what was left by the Will to James Lyle the younger. 2 After both James Lyle Jnr & the Girl Sally were of lawful age, the properly left to [J L Jnr?] was advertised and sold on credit with the consent of the said Sally [on? in?] order to know and honestly ascertain the value of the said property. That Sally might receive her tenth part of the amount of the sales if she was entitled to it was this all Right. 3 When Billy Brown came to the age of twenty one years, I desired him to make choice of some proper person to be security to me for claims against Dr Browns Estate and on such security being given I offered to deliver the Estate up to him but he could not find security & desired I ought continue and keep the charge on my own hands as formerly. I allowed him to rent and the houses I receive the rents for his own use, and informed him that Sally was entitled to a tenth part. When he came of age I gave him a Copy of Dr Browns Will. [illegible] it still remains, for me to make up the account of my Executorship. is all this right? 4. Billie Brown is lately dead without being married, and without leaving a Will. Who is heir to what may be left, after paying his just debts; as he owed considerably to Lyle & [McCrockers?] Store, his mother is alive, but is a slave & left to be sold by the Will, the girl Sally is his sister born of the same mother, although different fathers, it appears, she is heir to her brother. Billie Brown was about thirty one years of age when he died. Sally is a free Woman and was emancipated by Dr Brown at the same time with Billie Brown her brother