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Brown, Sally: Petition, Richmond City

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2d Answer to 1st question. She is so intitled [entitled]; because her annuity is to be to the full amount of all the rents, profits and issues of the whole estate real and personal, and the whole estate is charged therewith. Answer to the 2d question. The assent of Sally herself, when of full age has confirmed this mode of proceeding in all aspects so far as she is concerned. Answer to the 3d question. Mr. Lyle's conduct to Billy Brown has been very candid and honorable. But in strictness, he had nothing to do with the real estate, which belonged to Billy Brown, after he came of age, at any rate, he is not bound to account with Sally for her tenth of the rents which accrued upon Billy Brown's part, after he reached manhood. How she is to get, what is due, will immediately appear. Answer to the 4th question Sally cannot be the heir of Billy Brown. Until emancipation, they were incapable of an heir: - that act capacitated each of them to have heirs in those, only who might descend from them; for a title must be denied thro' the mother; and she is a slave. The legislature would most probably confer the night of escheat on Sally, subject Billy Brown's debts.