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MacPherson, Christopher: Petition, Richmond City

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AN ORDINANCE, TO AMEND THE ORDINANCE FOR REGULATING Waggons, Drays, and Carts, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. (Passed 18th June 1810.) Be it ordained by the President and Common Council of the City of Richmond, in common hall assembled, and it is hereby ordained by the authority aforesaid, That from and after the first day of January next, no licence [license] shall be granted by the Clerk of the Common Hall, to any person wishing to employ any waggon, dray or cart for hire within this city, unless the driver thereof be a white person, with this special exception, that in all cases where licences have already been obtained for drivers who are slaves, and who shall be actually the property of such owner of such waggons, drays or carts, at the time when this ordinance shall be published, such licence may be renewed and continued until the 31st of December 1811, and no longer. And all licences, which may hereafter be granted in each and every year, shall expire on the 31st December next ensuing the time of granting such licence, and the amount of tax shall be apportioned to the time for which such licence shall be granted. And be it further ordained, that every owner of any waggon, dray or cart, shall, when registering the same with the clerk of the common hall, agreeably to the rules prescribed by the ordinance for regulating waggons, drays and carts, give bond with such security as may be satisfactory to the clerk, payable to the mayor, aldermen and commonality of the City of Richmond, in the penalty of three hundred dollars for the faithful delivery of all articles entrusted to the driver of such waggon, dray, or cart, during the term for which such licence may be obtained: which bond may be put in suit and prosecuted from time to time, for the benefit and at the proper costs and charges of any person injured by reason of a breach of the condition thereof, until the penalty therein expressed shall be recovered. And it shall be the duty of the master of police previously to the first day of January in every year, to make report to the clerk of the common hall, of such drivers of waggons, drays, or carts, as are in his opinion improper persons to drive the same, and the clerk shall, upon receiving such representation, refuse a licence in favor of any owner of a waggon, dray, or cart, to be thereafter driven by the same driver. The driver of any waggon, dray, or cart, who shall suffer, the same to pass on the street without holding reins of sufficient strength in his hand, or shall permit his horses, or other beasts of burthen, to be driven faster than a walk, shall for every such offence, forfeit and pay the sum of two dollars, if a free man -- or receive ten lashes if he be a slave. And be it further ordained, that the driver of every carriage, whether licensed or otherwise, shall from and after ten days from the publication of this ordinance, when meeting any other carriage drive to the right -- and shall in no instance stop his carriage in the middle of any street, lane, or alley, nor opposite to any cross street, lane, or alley, but shall place his carriage as near as may be practicable to the gutter or foot pavement. Any driver herein offending shall be subject to the penalty of two dollars for every such offence, and shall be liable moreover for any damage or injury which he may cause by such conduct, not exceeding twenty dollars, if he be a free man, and if he be a slave he shall receive fifteen lashes. And be it further ordained, that the mayor, recorder, and aldermen of this city, the serjeant and his deputies, the master of police and his deputies, and the constable and his deputies, shall have authority to order any carriage standing in the street to be moved in such manner as may seem best for the convenience of others passing, and any driver refusing to obey such order shall, if a free man, forfeit and pay five dollars, and if a slave receive twenty lashes. The Rates for every Dray or Cart, shall be as follow -- viz: Cts. From Rocket's landing to Rocket's Ware-house, 17 From ditto to any place on Church-hill, 25 To the Court-house, 25 To the Market bridge, 33 To 13th street, 37 ½ To the Basin of canal, 42 To the public Ware house, 50 To the Swan tavern, 54 To any part of Monroe ward, east of 4th street, 58 To any part of Monroe ward, west of 4th street, 62 And the same in opposite directions. From the Basin to Shockoe Ware-house, 12 ½ To Byrd's Ware-house, and the on same line to the river, 16 2-3 To Rocket's Ware house, 33 1-3 To the Market bridge, 21 To the Court-house, 29 To any place on the Church-hill, 42 To the Swan tavern, 25 To any part of Madison ward beyond the Swan tavern, north of H. street, 33 1-3 To any part of Madison ward south of H. street, 25 From the Public Ware-house to Shockoe Ware-house, [20?] To Byrd's ditto, 25 To Rocket's ditto, 42 To the Market bridge, 29

Cts. To the court-house, 37 ½ To Rocket's landing, 50 From the Armory, to Rocket's, 54 From Rutherfoord's mill to do, 58 And for all other distances, the rates established at places the nearest thereto. Double the above rates shall be allowed for a load in a wagon drawn by four or more horses, or other bests of burthen. Every person employing a dray, cart or waggon shall at the time either pay the price for carrying the load or give a ticket signed with his, her or their name or names expressing the place from whence it is to be taken and the place at which it is to be delivered. And any person convicted of giving a ticket not conformable hereto shall forfeit and pay four times the rate which is allowed for such load. The owner of any waggon, dray, or cart, having wheels of the tread of four inches or upwards, shall be permitted to use the same free from tax, for the term of one year from the time of registering the same, and any person using a waggon, dray, or cart, of the tread of six inches or upwards, shall in addition to the above exemption, be entitled to a premium of five dollars per wheel for the first five waggons, drays, or carts, so employed, not exceeding forty wheels, to be paid by the chamberlain of this city: Provided, that nothing in this or any former ordinance shall be construed to prevent waggons from the country from carrying timber, [seantling?], and plank, from one part of the city to another. "And be it further ordained, that no person shall keep for hire, any gig, chair, chariot, coachee [coach], Jersey waggon, or other pleasure carriage, without causing the same to be entered with the clerk of the common hall, as waggons, drays and carts are entered. And the penalties for failing to enter, mark, or number, shall be the same as respecting drays, carts, and waggons, and the police master may in like manner, and with the same effect, enter his objections to any driver or drivers: Provided that the clerk of the common hall shall previously to registering and granting licence to any such carriage, take bond with such security as he may approve, in the penalty of two hundred dollars, conditioned that no negro or mulatto shall be permitted to use the same, except in the capacity of maid or servant to some lady or gentleman, hiring and riding therein." The rates for every such four wheeled carriage with not more than four persons, shall be as follow --viz. From one extremity of Jefferson ward, to the opposite extremity of Monroe ward, one dollar.} Cts. From the street, seperating Madison from Monroe ward, and from the Swan tavern, Capitol, or Theatre, to Rockets, 75 From ditto to the church, and church hill, 67 From ditto to Court-house, 50 From ditto to market, 42 From ditto to Bell tavern, 33 To Eagle tavern and Basin, 25 And the same rates for distances in the opposite direction: And for all other distances, the rates established at places the nearest thereto. When one person only shall occupy the carriage, one half the above rates may be demanded. Cts. For the use of the carriage per hour, 75 And fifty per centum additional shall be allowed for services rendered after ten o'clock at night. For every two wheeled carriage one half the above rates may be demanded. It shall be the duty of every driver of any such carriage to be at all times furnished with a table of the above rates, under the penalty of two dollars for every omission. And if any driver of a licensed gig, chair, four wheeled carriage, waggon, dray, or cart, shall be convicted of demanding any higher rate than is herein expressed, the owner or possessor thereof shall forfeit and pay the sum of four dollars for every such offence. So much of any ordinance as comes within the purview of this ordinance is hereby repealed. This ordinance shall commence and be in force, from the passing thereof. A Copy. Teste. N. SHEPPARD, C.C.Hall Printed by JOHN LYNCH, Corner of Haris's building.