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MacPherson, Christopher: Petition, Richmond City

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(Copy) Papers respecting the affairs of Christopher MacPherson alias Pherson Son of Christ, and those of the old Dominion and State of Virginia, as well as those of the United States of America, and in fact they specially regard the affairs of all the World. Addressed to the Honorable the Committee for Courts of Justice, of the General Assembly of the old Dominion & State of Virginia Now in Session Richmond (sealed with 7 black Seals) Nimrod Hughes of Washington County Virginia published a pamphlet in Richmond the 3d day of April 1810 prophecying [prophesying] a dreadful Event, as set forth in the Revelations in the 15th & 18th verses of the 9th Chapter, which he says, is to happen on the 4th day of June 1812. altho' to my knowledge, I never saw the man. yet I give the fullest belief to his prophecy. It is therefore, highly necessary, that this Honorable Committee, should see the contents herein in order both to avert, an awful impending doom, and to gain, a most distinguished and glorious blessing, from the Lord our God. yet as it perhaps would not, all at once, suit the public ear I would in the first instance advise privacy. then to act upon it, as prudence may suggest. CWP alias P.S. of C.