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MacPherson, Christopher: Petition, Richmond City

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To the Honorable General of Assembly of the State of Virginia The Petition of Christopher MacPherson Humbly sheweth. That by an ordinance for the corporation of the City of Richmond passed on the 18th June 1810 entitled an ordinance to amend an ordinance for regulating Waggons Drays and Carts and for other purposes, it is provided that one person shall keep for hire, any Gig chair or other carriage, without causing the same to be registered and taking out a license therefor and it is provided, that previously to registering and granting such license, bond and security in the penalty of Two hundred dollars shall be given with condition, that no Negro or Mulatto shall be permitted to use the same, except in the Capacity of Maid or Servant to some Lady or Gentleman, hiring and riding therein. Your Petitioner further shewith, that he is a free person and a Native of Virginia and has a family. That being a Mulatto he and his family come within the provision of the said ordinance and a House Keeper and owner of real property of considerable value in the said city, acquired by a life of long and laborious industry. He further begs leave humbly to represent, that during the Revolutionary War, he was employed as clerk for the Commercial Agent for the State of Virginia and clerk of one of the Commissary Generals at the Siege of York Town. That he afterwards was employed by the clerk of Congress as an enrolling clerk and has since been employed as a clerk in different publick Offices both under the General & State Governments and by Merchants