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Gallego, Hembro & Dilsey: Petition, Richmond City

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Petitioners, tho not qualified to vote for any Law, yet bows with submission to the effect of any, and all. That Your Petitioners have an only Child named Phil, born through them, and whom they wish should inherit their property at their decease. Virtuously anxious not to prostrate themselves improperly before Your Honorable Bodies, they have a hope their prayer will be granted. It is this, The Dignity of the State of Virginia uses superior to the idea of an Escheat, particularly where industry in tilling its Soil has aided, by paying Taxes on its exigencies, and contributing to bear its brethren. But it may be asked Can in case of Death, an Escheat or forfeiture take place. The Answer is ready, "The Petitioners has no inheritable Blood". Their Son is a Slave, he was born in Bondage, & to relieve him from it Your Petitioners purchased him of his owner, they have therefore inheritable blood, if the Honorable Bodies to whom they address themselves shall prefer inheritance to escheat. That Blood is, Phil, their only Child. They look with anxiety to Your Honorable Bodies to sustain their Pretensions, and that their Prayer may be granted, which is, that Phil

their only Son, and only Child, may be emancipated from the Shackles of his Parents successors, and that he may be enabled to inherit, at the Death of Your Petitioners, the property they may possess, and hold the [same?] to all intents and purposes, as tho he had been born originally free. And Your Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever Pray.