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Gallego, Hembro & Dilsey: Petition, Richmond City

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The Petition of Hembro Gallego and Dilsy his wife

The Petition of Philip Hembro Gallego humbly Representing to the Honorable, the Senate and house of Representatives of the State of Virginia, Shew unto your Honorable bodies, that in consideration of the faithful services of your petitioners father & mother, Hembro & Dilsey Galligo, Their master Mr Joseph Galligo emancipated them from the bonds of slavary [slavery], and that they have by honest industry, care and attention to business acquired some valuable Real and personal estate in the City of Richmond. That they also purchased of Mr John Grayham of this city your petitioner with a view of emancipating him, and that they have accordingly done so, as will appear from a Copy of the Records of the Hustings Court of the City afor[e]said herewith annexed. Your petitioner further Represent that he is the only child of the said Hembro & Dilsey, and it is their wish and desire that your petitioner should inherit, possess and enjoy at their death all the property which they now hold or may hereafter acquire. That by an act of the General Assembly of this state, your petitioner will be compelled to quit the state unless your Honorable bodies will be pleased to pass a law, extending to your petitioner the privilege of Remaining in the said State. Your petitioner Represent further that the said Hembro & Dilsey are now proving old; and in a few years, will Require the particular attention of your petitioner to take care of them, and unless your Honorable bodies will be pleased to grant the prayer of your petitioner, they will be bereived of the fostering care and attention of your petitioner, and comfort and affection of their only child[.] Your petitioner further Represent that he is a machanic [mechanic] and applies his time closely to the avocation of his profession and therefore confidently & Humbly hopes that your enlightened bodies will not view with indifference the present application