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Graham, Jasper: Petition, Richmond City

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[duplicate of image 2] Petition of Jasper S Dec'r 5th 1822 ref'd to Cts. of J. [referred to Courts of Justice] Ord [Ordered] to lie 6th Dec'r 1822 Rejected. 9th Dec'r 1822 resolution committed and amended 11th Dec'r 1822 Jasper acted as a member of a fire company - He has at this time the management of land affairs?

The undersigned have for a long period known Jasper when a servant of the late Mr John Graham & since his death. During all which period his conduct & character have been exemplary in the highest degree as a faithful, honest, capable & obedient servant. As such, & from his uniform deportment we would recommend him to the Gen'l Assembly of Virginia as a person in every respect deserving permission to remain in this state among the few to whom that privilege can with propriety be extended. Wm Brockenbrough J. Robinson Jno Wickham B W Leigh James Heron J Gibbon John Brockenbrough

In addition to the above I certify that during the last year of Mr Grahams life, Jasper was uncommonly attentive to him, and indeed was his only nurse, and did the greatest part of his business about town. This conduct in all these respects was very exemplary, and I know Mr Graham was very sensible of his fidelity, and integrity; and was very anxious that he should have liberty to remain in Virginia; and for that purpose there is as well as I recollect a special statement in his will (which I wrote at the particular request of Mr Graham) relative to the terms on which he purchased Jasper: which was inserted for the purpose of shewing he had an incipient right to his freedom, prior to the Act of Assembly forbidding emancipated slaves from remaining in Virginia. Dan Call Mr Graham also wished that Jaspers wife should remain in Virginia. D Call