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The Bayonet, 1 March 1918

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THE BAYONET: CAMP LEE, VA., FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 1918 NINE Baseball Track Football Boxing Wrestling Basketball SPORTING NEWS Conducted by Sergeant Oscar C Seikel 320th Infantry [illegible]-Regimental Games to Be Staged During Week Company G Wins Honors in 305th Ammunition Train. Other Teams in Line to Meet for Basketball Title The basketball contests are nearing the point where the final games will soon be staged. The season has been spinning along at a great pace and the teams which have come through the preliminary battles are ready to go into the fray against other battalion and regimental representatives. the final games will undoubtedly bring out a large following of fans, and each contest will be well worth while witnessing. The teams to represent the regiments will be only those teams which have been representing a company and have played through the schedule successfully. There will be no picked regimental team to play for the honors. The distinction of being champions of the division is to go to that company which goes through the final series with practically the same men who started the season. The regimental honors in the 305th Ammunition Train is held by the quintet from Company G. In the 319th Infantry the Machine Gun Company and Company I will play for the regimental honors, the odds favoring the former team. In the 313th Machine Gun Battalion, Companies A and D will fight it out for supremacy. The Provisional Aviation Section honors has been captured by the Second Company. The 320th Infantry is conducting a round-robin tournament to decide the winner, which rests between Companies I. G. C. and Headquarters 305th Ammunition Train Washington's birthday saw the end of the scheduled games in basketball in the Ammunition Train when Company G of the Second Battalion, defeated Company C, of the First Battalion, by the overwhelming score of 38 to 14. Much rivalry was shown in this game, as each team had gone undefeated in their battalion. Such a decisive victory for the Wagoners was unexpected, as Company C had turned in some easy victories over the other teams in camp. But the Wagoners, without the services of their star guard, Miller, went into the game with a vim, and they put up a high class games of team work. The Truck men never had a chance, as Evans opened up with a basket in four counts, which were from Kane to Pierotti to Evans to the basket. He added two more in quick succession. The first half ended with the score standing 20 to 6. Between the first and second half the crowd was given na exhibition practice by the officers of the Train. They have a very good team, and issue a challenge to any officers' team in the camp. The men who were practicing were Lieutenants McFall, Fullerton, Barker, Cortes and Martin. These men were stars on their college teams in the good old peaceful days. The second half was about the same as the first in regard to the score. At the end of the game Company C was fighting just as hard as when they started, even though they were hopelessly beaten. The game was marked with very clean playing, considering that a championship was at stake. The features of the game were the team work of Company G, the all around playing and shooting of Kane and Evans. Murstein and Reznor also put up a very good guarding game and held their opponents very close throughout the game. Quiggle and Kunz put up the best game for the losers. The line up: Company G -- 38 Company C -- 14 Evans.....F.....Blair Pierotti.....F.....Quiggle Kane.....C.....Welsh Murstein.....G.....Black Reznor.....G.....Kunz Referee - Lieutenant Fullerton Umpire - Lieutenant McFall The other game played in the league was between Company F and Company E, the latter winning by the score of 14 to 10. This game was played to decide second place in the league, and Company E won in such an easy fashion that they want to take the champions on for another game. they claim that they were defeated by the close score of 41 to 25 before their team was organized. The features of this game were the playing of Weaver, Troxell and Watkins for Company E: Ruff played the best game for the losers. The line-up: Company E. Position Company F Watkins.....right forward.....Ruff Weaver.....left forward.....Uber Troxell.....right guard.....Marstellar Davison.....left guard.....Aubrey Dodds Summary: Field goals-Watkins (5), Weaver (7), Troxell (7), Davison (3), Ruff (3), Marstellar (1), Aubrey (1). Referee, Weldon. Company G also won a game from a picked team from the 315th Artillery by the score of 17 to 12. The game was very fast, as far as Company G was concerned, as most all of their baskets ere gotten from signal plays. The players from the Ammunition Train used a sort of camouflage play, which seemed to have their opponents bewildered. The first half ended with the Wagoners far in the lead, by the score of 34 to 4. But in the second half they used all their substitutes and were playing a safe game by trying the old Alleghany system. The playing of Reznor, Pierotti and Murstein captured this game. Durgin was the high scorer for the losers. Line-up: Company G Position Picked Evans.....right forward.....Durgin Phillips.....left forward....Harris Kane..... Reznor.....right guard.....Paughman Howe Murstein.....left guard.....Holley Summary: Field goals - Evans (4), Phillips (3), Pierotti (7), Kane (4), Reznor (3), Murstein (1), Durgin (3), Swalley (1). Foul goals - Pierotti (3), Durgin (4). Referee, Daniels. The standing ot teams: Teams.....Won.....Lost.....Pctg. Company G.....4.....0.....1.000 Company C.....3.....1......750 Company E.....2.....1......666 Company D.....2.....1......666 Company A.....1.....2......333 Company F.....1.....2......333 Company B.....0,,,,,3......000 Headquarters Co.....0.....3......000 320th Infantry The first game between battalion champions was put on the boards last week, with Headquarters Company meeting Company G, in which the latter was victorious, 29 to 24. The game was a closely fought contest and had the spectators up in the air throughout the contest. At the final whistle the teams stood 22 all and an extra period of five minutes had to be given over to decide the game. There was some tall hustling and hard playing and the contestants were glad when the game was finally ended. Callahan and McCann played the best game for the winners and Dean and Meyers put up the battle for the Headquarters. The line-up: Company G --29 Headquarters Co. --24 Callahan.....F.....Meyers McCann.....F.....Anderson Irwin.....C.....Dean Henderson.....G.....Lang Dorsey.....G.....Frye Summary: Goals -- Callahan, 5; Meyers, 4; Anderson, 2; Dean, 3. Foul goals -- McCann, 3 out of 8; Meyers, 5 out of 9; Dean, 1 out of 2. Substitutes -- Tuohy for Frye; Brown for Dorsey. Company H defeated a representative team of the Depot Brigade by a one-point margin after a great battle last Friday night. the game was well played and fast. Friedman put up a game for the Depot boys, but he seemed to be the only standby of the team. The line-up: Depot Brigade -- 14. Company H -- 15 Kelley.....F.....Thomas Friedman.....F.....Hilty Mark....C.....Siegworth Robinson.....G.....Davis Davis.....G.....Manley Summary: Goals -- Friedman, 4; Mark, Thomas, Hilty, Sigworth, Davis, Manley. Fouls -- Friedman 4 out 6; Hilty, 1 out of 4; Thomas, 2 out of 5. Referee -- Batchelor Defeats 314th F. A. Also. The 305th Field Signal team walloped the 314th Field Artillery team, 36 to 25. The game was fast and interesting. The Signal team has been going strong all season, and has not tasted defeat. The men are all playing the game together and managing to do some good passing. McCarthy is the mainstay of the team, and all plays revolve about him. He is fast in covering the court, and is clever at dribbling. The Artillery boys had out a good team, but lack team work. Dennison and Racas were the individual stars for the team, while Spade and McCarthy starred for the winners. The line-up: 314th F. A. Position. 305th F. S. Dennison.....F.....Spade Racas.....F.....Musser Minor.....C.....McCarthy Douthe.....G.....Ladd Hartman.....G.....McCloskey Summary: Goals -- Dennison (5), Racas (5), Spade (7), Musser (2), McCarthy (5), Ladd (3). Foul goals -- Racas (5), Musser (2). Company K took the measure of the fast traveling 305th Ammunition Train team by the score of 22 to 14. The game was played at the big Y, and the men seemed to be lost at times, as the floor space was greater than either team had been accustomed to play on. However, the infantry boys clearly showed their superiority, and deserved the victory by their hard playing. The game was clean and fast. Morris and Caphan starred for the victors, while Evans carried off the honors for the losing team. The line-up: Am. Train. Position Co, K. Evans.....F.....Morris Reznor.....F.....Snyder Kane.....C.....Caphan Murstein.....G.....Kiefer Rody.....G.....Francis Summary: Goals -- Evans, 3; Kane, 2; Snyder, 5; Caphan, 3; Morris, Kiefer, Rody. Foul goals -- Rody, 1 out of 4; Morris, 1 out of 5; Caphan, 1 out of 1 Volleyball The battalion Champions at the indoor net game are Companies D, G, L and Headquarters Company. Games were staged between the teams in the first round of a tournament which is to decide the regimental championship. Company L defeated Company D, 21 to 20, and Headquarters won over Company G, 21 to 19 and 21 to 6. In the first game Lackener, De Ray and Jawalak starred and in the second Sumner, Beresford and Fierst - played the best game. The line-up: Company D -- Lackner, Linkenheimer, Flanigan, Astrowaski, McHale, Hunter. Company L -- De Roy, Javalack, Baxter, McChosnie, Wright, Young. Headquarters -- Taylor, Sumner, Beresford, Lancaster, Larned, Anderson. Company G -- Fierst, Henderson, Sore, Page, Mullen, Spraft. Fast Basketball Game Won by 319th Infantry Quintet 313th Machine Gun Battalion Team Suffers Defeat -- Big Turn-out Enjoys Program The 319th Infantry staged another big event at the Y. M. C. A. auditorium last Saturday evening when its basketball team lined up against the 313th Machine Gun Battalion team. The auditorium was crowded from one end to the other with spectators bent on seeing the outcome of the game. There was cheering and company yells called across the floor by the rooters of the teams, and in many cases there were company songs sung to lend good cheer to the gathering. The 319th regimental band was on hand and gave a good account of itself, as it enlivened the occasion with many popular airs. The boys chimed in with song when some tune would be struck up that was known by the great majority which was present. It was a jolly good gathering, and a fine spirit prevailed throughout the evening. The 313th Machine-Gun rooters crowded one side of the building, while the 319th coterie of fans occupied the space opposite.The gathering was considered the largest which has attended an affair at the "big Y"so far. The game was an exhibition of skill and cleverness on the part of the 319th team. The men seemed to know all the angles of the game and really experienced no difficulty in outwitting and outguessing the quintet representing the gunners. The game was more interesting than the score shows, as the contest started with fast playing and was continued throughout the period of play. The 313th team opened the scoring and held full sway for a short period, but the infantry boys soon got together, and after starting there was no holding them back.Gray and Shafer played a fast game for the winning team, taking the ball time and again from one end of the court to the other by good dodging and passing. Nixon and Tretchell also played a good game. For the 313th five, Shannon was the individual star, and his playing was the outstanding feature of his team. The line-up: 319 Infantry.....Position.....313 M.-G. B Gray.....right forward.....Shannon Shafer.....left forward.....Archer Yourd.....right guard.....Callahan Nixon.....left guard.....Duncan Summary: Goals -- Gray (2), Shafer (4), Tretchell (2), Nixon (5), Shannon (4), Yourd, Callahan. Four goals -- Shafer (6), Shannon (2), Archer (5). Referee, Lieutenant Lundon Good Boxing Bout The boxing bout which was put on brought the crowd to its feet as the men engaged in the fray were out for blood and the mixup was interesting. Cavanaugh, of Company B, 319th, had the better of the fray from the start as his jabs seemed to worry his opponent, considerably. He was the heavier hitter of the two and waded in consistently. He wore his opponent down in the second round, and the bout was stopped amid great cheering. ENGINEERS LOSE, 14 TO 1 Outfit Defeated by Depot Brigade Baseball Team After being defeated the day before by the Motor Truck Division of the Engineers, the Depot Brigade baseball team "came back"the next day, easily defeating the same opponents by a score of 14 to 1. The pitching of Haggerty, for the winners, considering the earl season, was sensational, while his teammates backed him up with some heavy hitting. Line-up and runs: Depot Brigade -- Frymer, catcher, 3; Mearkle, center field, 2; Price, third base, 3; Bothel, second base, 3; Ow, first base; Haggerty, pitcher, 1; Ege, shortstop; Terenski, left field, 1; Denner, right field, 1. Engineers --- Robin, catcher; Davis, center field; Hoag, third base; Livingston, second base; Hadinger, first base; Weber, pitcher; Wolf, shortstop; Tucker, left field, 1; Redington, right field. Score by innings: Depot Brigade.....3 0 2 6 3 -- 14 Engineers.....0 0 0 0 1 --1 Last Sunday, February 24, the Engineers again suffered defeat at the hands of the Depot Brigade team. In the first inning the wildness of Haggerty, who walked several men, allowed the Engineers to gather three runs, which were all they could possibly secure in the entire game. Three pitchers of the Engineers were hammered out of the box, and after the first inning the game was a complete walkaway for the winners. Line-up and runs: Depot Brigade -- Crawford, right field, 3; Lappin, left field, 2; Ow, center field, 1; Davidson, first base, 2; Ege, shortstop, 1; Dennison, second base, 3; Stillwell, third base, 2; Nick, catcher, 2; Haggerty, pitcher, 2. Engineers --- Livingston, right field; Headinger, left field; Finkbeinder, center field; Carns, first base, 1; Kannel, shortstop, 1; Wilkinson, second base; Robins, third base, 1; Hartwig, catcher; Desney, pitcher. Score by innings: Depot Brigade.....0 1 1 13 3 -- 18 Engineers.....3 0 0 0 0 -- 3 Engineers Lose, For the first time in several weeks the Depot Brigade basketball team got into action February 20 at Y. M. C. A. No. 53, and by some rather brilliant playing defeated a team made up of Engineers around "Y" 52. Friedman, for the winners, sifted eight field goals through the basket. Field goals: Friedman, 8; Kelly, 5; Robinson, 4; Carns, 1; Hoar, 1. Folul goals: Friedman, 1; McLeonal, 1. Referee, B Staley. Scorer, Carther. 305TH FIELD SIGNAL TRAIN GOING STRONG Has Not Met Defeat So Far This Season, and Is Out for Highest Honors. The the Field Signal Battalion crack basketball five celebrated their initial appearance on the Y. M. C. A. auditorium floor Saturday night with an overwhelming victory over the 319th Infantry second string. The Signal Corps five have cleaned up everything in the artillery half of the camp, and chose their game with the 319th seconds as a feeler into the infantry section, defeating them 40 to 10. The game was rather a one-sided affair; Musser started the scoring for the Signal Corps and thereafter they scored at will, replacing their regular line-up with substitutes in the second half. Roy played the best for the Infantry, while Musser was the shining star of the 305th, his brilliant passing being the feature of an otherwise listless game. the line-up: 305th F. S. B. Position. 319th Infantry Musser.....F.....Brown Spade.....F.....Darcy McCarthy.....C.....Dushane Ladd.....G.....Thomson McClusky.....G.....Hass Summary: Field goals and assists -- Musser, 6 and 4; Spade, 3 and 2; McCarthy, 5 and 2; Ladd, 3 and 1; McClusky, 1 and 0; Longsdorff, 3 and 0; Brown, 2 and 0; darcy, 2 and 0; Dushane, 2 and 0; Roy, 2 and 0; Downing, 2 and 0. Substitutes -- Bird for Spade, Longsdorff for McCluskey, Mantick for Musser, Roy for Dushane, Downing for Hass. WINS BATTALION TITLE Company E Wins Championship Basketball Game to 318th Infantry In the hardest fought game of basketball played in the Knights of Columbus Hall, the quint representing Company E defeated the five of Company H, both of the 318th, by a score of 20 to 8. This game gives E Company the championship of the Second Battalion having won all three of the games played. The teams stood tied for the honors, each having won two games, and the contest was, therefore, of great interest to all in the regiment, and, in spite of the fact that the game was played at 9 P. M., after the Liberty program, there was a large and enthusiastic crow to witness it, and the rooting was a feature of the evening. "E" took the lead on the jump and held it throughout the game, at no time being in danger and running up a comfortable margin of ten points before their opponents were able to score. Galloway scored on the first play, followed immediately by a basket by Flick. The shooting of Galloway was at times spectacular. He had just been released from the hospital, where he had been confined with mumps, and, considering this, he played a remarkable game. Scott was easily the star of H Company, playing a fast floor game. Several time "H" worked the ball to their end, but the work of the guards prevented the shot being made. Line-up: Co. E, 20 Co. H., 8 Galloway.....F.....Scott (Captain) Flick.....F.....Ramsey Fentress.....C.....Waller Ritchie.....G.....Watkins Johnson.....G.....Williams (5), Fshrdletashr shrd etao shr etashr Summary: Field goals -- Galloway (5), Flick (3), Scott, Ritchie, Waller, Fentress, Watkins, Ramsey. Substitutions -- Wood for Johnson, Hoffman for Wood. THEY PLAYED BASEBALL Depot Brigade Team Tired Out Running Around Bases and Game was Halted The noncoms of the Depot Brigade shouldered their baseball bats and went to the engineers' camp to wage battle with the surface disfigurers, and emerged from the fray victorious. The battle lasted only three innings, but that was long enough for the noncoms to pound out 23 runs and allowed the engineers just one lone tally. The affair was a slugging fest on the part of the Depot Brigade boys, and they ran around the bases as if they were in a track meet. The ping of the ball being sent out over the field was a regular occurrence and the outfielders lost weight chasing the pill from one corner of the field to the other. It was a great game on the part of the noncoms, but a sorry one for the engineers. The line-up: Depot Brigade -- 23 Engineers -- 1 Sabata.....3rd.....McGlove Evans..... C. F......Livingstone Bennett.....S. S......Midley Nicholas.....2nd.....Brink Kurtz.....1st.....Barnes Baker......L. F......Gates Franks.....R. F......Kernell Deidany.....P.....Wolf Pruitt.....C.....Turnbuckle [Photograph, caption] Some of the Girls With the Parisian Belles at Academy of Music Officers' Training Camp Preparing Athletic Teams Athletic Councils Appointed and Schedules Being Drawn Up for Inter-Company Games. There will be plenty of action at the officers' training camp athletically from now on, as the step has been taken to provide contests for the candidate in which all can participate, and teams will also be organized to play in intercompany games. At the line Officers' School an athletic council has been appointed, a member of each company being placed on the council. The council will draw up schedules for games to be played by representative teams for the remaining weeks of the session. A basketball schedule has been drawn up, which calls for games to be played within the next week in order to settle the question of superiority as soon as possible, as the season is nearly over and the men are turning to outdoor baseball. These contest will be on an elimination basis, the team losing being counted out of the race entirely. This method will bring the final contests around in short order, and the season will be declared closed. The games will be played at Y. M. C. A. building 53. A similar schedule as that arranged for basketball will be drawn up for baseball. The company team will hold full sway until the camp championship is decided. It is then proposed to form a composite team of best players in the camp to play other regimental teams, and if possible, to play outside teams. Arrangements are under way by which major and minor league teams will probably be brought here or near-by to be met by the Officers' school team. There are many former league players and semi-professional stars attending the school, and little difficulty should be experienced in getting a team together that will give a good account of itself in all games. The majority of men have taken advantage of the few warm days and have been out on the field to gradually work the kinks out of their arms. Sluggers will soon have the opportunity to get their eye on the ball, and in a short while twilight games will be a regular evening occurrence. ENGINEERS HOLD FIELD MEET. A gala field meet was held on the parade grounds of the Engineers' Officers' Training Camp last Saturday in which eight companies of the school took part. All events were contested by teams of twenty men from each company. the contests were hotly fought, and plenty of amusement was furnished the spectators, who crowded the field to witness the strenuous efforts of the participants. Seven events were on the program, and when the affair was over there was a procession of limping, lame and sore embryonic officers gradually wending their way back to their barracks. Nevertheless the day was thoroughly enjoyed, and plans are being made to hold similar meets from time to time. The athletic board, which has been appointed to arrange activities for the men is busy in drawing up a schedule for the baseball season. The events decided last week were: 100-yard dash -- Won by Sergeant Donaldson, Company 2; second, Company 5; third, Company 1. Medicine ball relay -- Won by Company 8; second, Company 6; third, Company 5. Centipede race -- Won by Company 2; second, Company 9. Rescue race -- Won by Company 8; second, tie between Companies 6 and 2. Manual of arms -- Won by Company 2; second, Company 2; third, tie between Companies 4 and 6. Tug-of-war -- Won by Company 8; second, Company 5; third, Company 3. The tug-of-war was the feature of the day, as the men were called upon to exert all the strength in pulling their opponents a distance which left no doubt as to which team had gained the advantage. The contest was arranged for elimination. In the preliminaries, Company 1 defeated Company 2, Company 3 defeated company 4, Company 8 defeated company 9, and Company 5 received the verdict over Company 6. In the semifinals, Company 5 routed Company 2, Company 8 defeated Company 3. The final was an easy affair for the Company 8 team to take, and in the pull for second place Company 3 had the better of Company 5. Officials: Starter, Captain Wilhelm. Judges, Lieutenant Harman, Lieutenant Sweeting, Lieutenant Allen, Captain Allen, Lieutenant Friezell, Lieutenant Robinson, Lieutenant Jessup, Lieutenant Graham, and Y. M. C. A. Directors Rucker and Batchelor. THE DRIFT Hep -- Hep! It's a matter of keeping the step From morning till night. We never seem right, While being prepared to put up a fight In Keeping the cadence of Hep -- Hep Hep -- Hep! It's a matter of keeping up pep. When out for a hike, Hobnailing the pike, There's no more route-stepping or do as you like -- It's keep up the marching with Hep -- Hep. Hep -- Hep! It's a matter that's making a rep. If you're thin and you're tall, Or short, fat and small, You'll have to beware of the top sergeant's call and Keep on the jump with Hep -- Hep. Hep -- HEp! When we've got the right step and the pep, We'll have lots of fun By grabbing a gun And putting the beastly Hun on the run With the merry old cry of Hep. BUSY IN SPORTS 318th Infantry Y. M. C. A. is the Mecca for All Sports. Y. M. C. A. hut 53 is the mecca for all sports. Here will be found boxing, basketball, rope climbing, quoit throwing, pyramid builders, horizontal bar gymnasts and all sports in their proper seasons. Perhaps the most popular of the lot just now is boxing. Bouts are held here every Tuesday night, and the building is taxed to its fullest capacity by the spectators. Each company of the regiment has its entry, and great rivalry is shown, the one carrying off the decision being cheered to an echo, and at times the telling is so vociferous that the building fairly shakes the bouts and boxers are purely amateur, and are kept clean at all times. Captain S. J. Raymond, who knows the game from A to Z, and who has quite a reputation himself as a boxer, officiates, acting as referee and judge. He is impartial in all of his decisions and will not permit or stand for anything but the cleanest exhibition of the manly art. When the "boys" go overseas and engage in trench warfare they will realize the benefit and the value of their boxing. When they go up against the "terrible Boche" in a bayonet charge, the training they have received at boxing will assert itself. It will give them the necessary punch, the keen eye, quick judgment, and above all, the knowledge of how to strike the vital spots. STRONG TEAMS IN FIELD Athletics in 305th Ammunition Train Developing Champion Teams. Athletics seem to be one of the best assets for the 305th Ammunition train. They were undoubtedly the champions, or had the best claim for the championship in football in the 89th Division. They are now planning to annex the basketball title and in the very near future expect to have a good baseball and track team on the field. Some of the men are getting their arms in shape for baseball, and during the warm spell you could hear the crack of the ball hitting tghe gloves or bats. There are several good quoit teams, and the men are anxious waiting for the days to get longer, so they can state some good games after retreat. The team from Company A took the measure of a team the other night by winning two easy games. The scores were 21 to 9 and 21 to 12. Pool Tourney Held Headquarters Company of the 320th Infantry defeated Company M, of the same regiment, at pool, in a series of three games. Five men played on each side and for the winning team Sergeant Meyers and Corporal Fulton starred. The Strand of Hopewell For the Better Pictures Friday, March 1 Saturday, March 2 Julian Eltinge, in "THE WIDOW'S MIGHT" Sunday, March 3 Jewel Parmen, in "THE KINGDOM OF LOVE" A Tale of the Great Northwest Monday, March 4 Mary Pickford in "THE LITTLE PRINCESS" Tuesday, March 5 A Wm. Fox Super-Production, "TREASURE ISLAND' Wednesday, March 6 Thursday, March 7 J. Stuart Blackton's Master Production, 'THE JUDGMENT HOUSE" From the Novel of Sir Gilbert Parker SPORTS CHIEF TO GO OVER Commissioned Athletic Directors Will Accompany Troops Athletic directors who have received army commissions will accompany the troops to France, it has been announced at Washington, while camp athletic directors not commissioned may go if division commanders wish them. The commission on training camp activities, in making the announcement today, also said boxing instructors would not accompany the troops to Europe, as their services are believed to be of greater value at home camps, proficient enlisted men carrying on the work abroad. Fourteen cantonment athletic directors have been commissioned as captains, including Captain B. R. Murphy, at Camp Lee. 33RD COMPANY TEAM WINS The 33rd Company, Depot Brigade, baseball team triumphed over the aggregation from the 37th Company in an exciting game Saturday afternoon, 12 to 10, but the score had little to do with the real excitement. Several hundred rooters lined the field and stayed to the finish. The 37th got their runs early in the game, owing to the wildness of Pitcher Harris. Later he settled down and held the game in the hollow of his hand. The star twirlers of the 33rd returned Monday from the base hospital, where they were undergoing treatment for mumps. In the fiture Jack Johnson and Willie Aylor will be heard from in baseball circles. Plans are underway for another big swatfest Saturday afternoon. Hippodrome Wrestling Bout Starts 8:45 Takes Place of Second Show "Joe" Turner "Con" Albright First Show and Wrestling Match Combined at These Prices 50 cents Any Seat Downstairs 25 cents Any Seat in Balcony Come Early and See Both the Attractions To-Night