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War History Commission News Letter, January 1920

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Virginia War History Commission Appointed by Governor Westmoreland Davis, January, 1919. 1. MR. ARTHUR KYLE DAVIS, President, Southern College. Chairman, Petersburg, Va. 2. COL. CHARLES R. KEILEY, Secretary, Norfolk, Va. Executive Secretary, Virginia Council of Defense. 3. DR. HENRY R. McILWAINE, Petersburg, Va. State Librarian. 4. HON. THOMAS NELSON PAGE, Ambassador to Italy. 5. RT. REV. COLLINS DENNY, Richmond, Va. Bishop M. E. Church, South. 6. HON. HARRY ST. GEORGE TUCKER, Lexington, Va. Chairman, Virginia Central Legal Advisory Board. 7. BRIG.-GENERAL JO LANE STERN, Richmond, Va. Adjutant-General of Virginia. 8. RT. REV. DENNIS J. O'CONNELL, Richmond, Va. Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Richmond. 9. DR. H. J. ECKENRODE, Richmond, Va. Secretary Southern Historical Society. 10. DR. DOUGLAS FREEMAN, Richmond, Va. Editor News-Leader, 11. REV. EDWARD N. CALISCH, Richmond, Va. Rabbi, Beth Ahabah Synaogue. 12. DR. JOHN PRESTON McCONNELL, East Radford, Va. President, State Normal School for Women. 13. DR. JAMES S. WILSON, University, Va. Poe Professor of English. 14. MISS JULIA SULLY, 3 N. Adams St., Richmond, Va. 15. DR. LYON G. TYLER, Holdcroft, Va. President Emeritus William and Mary College. 16. HON. ROBERT R. PRENTIS, Suffolk, Va. Judge Supreme Court of Appeals.

Topical Arrangement of Virginia War History. General Editors. Arthur Kyle Davis, Chairman, Petersburg, Va. Associates-President Edwin A. Alderman, University of Virginia. Mr. James Branch Cabell, Dumbarton, Va. Section I-Virginians of Distinguished Service. Chairman-Hon. Thos. Nelson Page, Ambassador to Italy. Section II-Pre-War Conditions and Activities. Chairman-Rabbi E. N. Calisch, Ph. D., Richmond, Va. Associates-Pres. H.L. Smith, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va.; Mr. Alfred B. Williams, Washington, D.C. Section III-Virginia Churches in War Time. Chairman-Bishop Collins Denny, D. D., Richmond, Va. Associates-Rt. Rev. Beverley D. Tucker, Norfolk, Va.; D. W. W. Moore, Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, Va.; Dr. Sparks W. Melton, Norfolk, Va. Section IV-Virginia Schools and Colleges in the War. Chairman-Dr. Jas. S. Wilson, University of Virginia. Associates-Dr. Albert Lefevre, University of Va.; Dr. R. E. Blackwell, Pres. Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va. Mr. Harris Hart, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Richmond, Va. Section V-Political Contributions of Virginia. Chairman-Judge Robert R. Prentis, Supreme Court of Appeals, Richmond, Va. Associates- Dr. Armistead C. Gordon, Staunton, Va.; Dr. Lindsay Rogers, University of Va. Section VI-Draft Law and Virginia Organizations. Chairman-Brig.-General Jo Lane Stern, Richmond, Va. Associates-Col. Jennings C. Wise, American Expeditionary Forces; Col. S. Rolfe Millar, Front Royal, Va. Section VII-Virginia Camps and Cantonments. Chairman-Dr. H. J. Eckenrode, Sec. Southern Historical Society, Richmond, Va. Associate- Maj. John S. Graves. Charlottesville, Va. Section VIII-Economic Conditions in War-Time. Chairman-Hon. Harry St. George Tucker, Lexington, Va. Associates-Thos. S. Purdie, Norfolk, Va.; Major Armistead M. Dobie, University of Va. Section IX-Local Branches of Virginia Commission. Chairman-Col. Charles R. Keiley, Richmond, Va. Associates-Mrs. Egbert G. Leigh, Jr., Richmond, Va.; Mr. Wyndham R. Meredith, Richmond, Va. Section X-Chesapeake Bay Area in War-Time. Chairman- Lyon G. Tyler, LL. D., Holdcroft, Va., editor William and Mary Quarterly. Associate-Mr. Robert Baylor Tunstall. Section XI-Virginia Soldiers and Sailors Overseas. Chairman-Dr. Douglas Freeman, Richmond, Va. Associates-Major-General William Lassiter, American expeditionary force; Major Allen Potts, American expeditionary force. Section XII-The Red Cross in Virginia. Chairman-Dr. J. P. McConnell, president State Normal School, East Radford, Va. Associates-Colonel Henry W. Anderson, A. R. C., overseas (Richmond, Va.); Dr. William E. Gilbert, East Radford, Va. Section XIII-War Work and Relief Organizations. Chairman-Miss Julia Sully, Richmond, Va. Associates-Mrs. William G. Stanard, Richmond, Va.; Mrs. B. B. Munford, Richmond, Va.; Mrs. Lucien Cocke, Roanoke, Va. Section XIV-War Letters, Diaries and Incidents. Chairman-Dr. H. R. McIlwaine, State Librarian, Richmond, Va. Associates-Hon. Lewis H. Machen, Richmond, Va.; Hon. Rosewell Page, Richmond, Va. Section XV-Post-War Conditions and Activities. Chairman-Rtt. Rev. Dennis J. O'Connell, D. D., Richmond, Va. Associates-Mr. John Stewart Bryan, Richmond, Va.; Dr. D. R. Anderson, Richmond College, Richmond, Va.

Contributing Members Major John P. Leary Mutual Building, Richmond, Va. Mr. Homer L. Ferguson, Newport News, Va. Col Charles Brownlee, Camp Surgeon, Camp Lee, Va. Brig. Gen. Chas. Ferguson, Fort Monroe, Va. Major B.F. Clegg, Camp Lee, Va. Captain D.R. Kerr, Camp Lee, Va. General Omar Bundy, Officer in Command, Camp Lee, Va. Col. T. M. Wortham, Westmoreland Club, Richmond, Va. Maj. Gen. Marlborough Churchhill, care War Department, Washington, D.C. Mr. George Keesee, Federal Reserve Bank, Richmond, Va. Mr. H. H. Angell, Roanoke, Va. Mr. Barton C. Myers, Chamber of Commerce, Norfolk, Va. Col. R. F. Leedy, Luray, Va. Col. Wm. J. Perry, Staunton, Va. Mr. W. P. Allen, Wilmington, Del. Mr. J. R. A. Hobson, Tredegar Iron Works, Richmond, Va. Mr. W. D. Mount, Saltville, Va. Mr. Columbus K. Lassiter, American Locomotive Works, Richmond, Va. Mr. G. D. Kilgore, Norton, Va. Mr. E. A. Parkinson, Norfolk, Va. Mr. Jesse M. Jones, Blacksburg, Va. Mr. George L. Seay, Gov., Federal Reserve Bank, Richmond, Va. Col. Thos. B. McAdams, Merchants National Bank, Richmond, Va. Mr. John C. Easley, Chamber of Commerce, Richmond, Va. Major Clinton L. Wright, Norfolk, Va. General C. C. Vaughan, Franklin, Va. Captain Greenlee Letcher, Lexington, Va. Lieut. Col. S. Gardner Waller, Front Royal, Va. Major H.L. Opie, Staunton, Va. Col. Hugh Cumming, care U. S. Public Health Service, Washington, D. C. Mr. George Cole Scott, Rio Vista, Va. Mrs. Gertrude H. Boatwright, Virginia College, Roanoke, Va. Mrs. H. W. Morehead, Elizabeth College, Salem, Va. Miss Rachel Wilson, Hollins, Va. Miss Mary Somerville Gammon, 108 North 5th St. Richmond, Va. Mr. G. W. Stanard, 1010 Floyd Avenue, Richmond, Va. Lieut. Com. W. D. Cardwell, care Commander of 5th Naval District, Norfolk, Va. Major R. F. Bierne, Covington, Va. Major M. M. Milton, Mutual Building. Col. E. E. Goodwyn, Emporia, Va. Major Gaston Liethenstein, Richmond, Va. Mr. Thomas F. Bryan, 810 Cathedral Place, Richmond, Va. Mr. H. P. Johnson, University, Va. Miss Marianne P. Higgins, Mary Baldwin Seminary, Staunton, Va. Dr. Elizabeth French Johnson, Sweet Briar, Va. Major Gen. Adelbert Cronkhite, Com. Officer Port of Debarkation, Newport News, Va. Dr. Robert C. Bryan, Grace Hospital, Richmond, Va. Rev. J. A. Kelleher, 808 E. Grace St., Richmond, Va. Mr. T. M. Carrington, Sr., 930 Park Avenue, Richmond, Va. Mr. R. C. Stearnes, Richmond War Camp Community Service, 7th and Franklin Streets, Richmond, Va. Mrs. Wm. Ruffin Cox, 809 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va. Mr. Julian E. Pleasants, 312 Chamberlyne Ave., Richmond, Va. Mr. Chas. L. Weaver, 2709 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. Mrs. G. T. W. Kern, 2405 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. Col. John A. Cutchins, 1007 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va. Rev. C. Hannigan, 709 No. First St., Richmond, Va. Dr. Susan Lough, Westhampton College Richmond, Va. Dr. J. G. Randall, Richmond College, Richmond, Va. Morgan Robinson, State Library, Richmond, Va.

Local Members Accomac County John D. Grant, Jr., Chairman, Accomac, Va. Dr. J. H. Ayres, Accomac, Va. L. Floyd Nock, Accomac, Va. Albemarle County. Mrs. Maury Boocock, Chairman, Keswick, Va. Mrs. E. H. Joslin, Keswick, Va. Mrs. Geo. H. Whitten, Keswick, Va. Associate-Maj. John S. Graves, Charlottesville, Va. Alexandria County. Mrs. H. D. Moyer, 22 Wilson Boulevard, Clarendon, Va., chairman. Mr. Fletcher Kemp, Rosslyn, Va. Mr. Allen B. Prosise, Clarendon Va. Alleghany County. Mrs. C. P. Jones, Jr., Chairman, Covington, Va. Mr. H. M. McAllister, Covington, Va. Mr. H. N. Sanford, Low Moor, Va. Amelia County. Dr. Philip T. Southall, Chairman, Amelia, C. H., Va. Mr. John G. Jefferson, Amelia C. H., Va. Mr. James K. Irving, Amelia C. H., Va. Amherst County. Mr. C. L. Scott, Chairman, Amherst, Va. Mr. Landon L. Davis, Amherst, Va. Miss Caroline L. Sparrow, Sweet Briar, Va. Appomattox County. Mr. Sam. L. Ferguson, Chairman, Appomattox, Va. Mr. Claude N. Smith, Appomattox, Va. Miss Mary L. Gills, Appomattox, Va. Augusta County. Mrs. E. Lacy Gibson, Chairman, Staunton, Va. Mrs. L. W. Peyton, Staunton, Va. Miss Jane C. Howard, Staunton, Va. Bath County. Mr. J. T. McAllister, Chairman, Hot Springs, Va. Miss Jeanne Graham McAllister, Warm Springs, Va. Rev. C. W. Reed, Warm Springs, Va. Bedford County. Mrs. G. P. Parker, Chairman, Bedford, Va. Mr. A. J. Cauthorne, Bedford, Va. Miss Juliet Gish, Bedford, Va. Bland County. A. R. Porterfield, Chairman, Bland, Va. R. C. Repass, Bland, Va. W. S. Dunn, Bland, Va. Botetourt County. Ethan A. Painter, Chairman, Fincastle, Va. Mrs. J. S. Pechin, Buchanan, Va. Mrs. S. B. M. Jameson, Buchanan, Va. Brunswick County. Marvin Smithey, Chairman, Lawrenceville, Va. Lorenza, Hammack, Lawrenceville, Va. Mrs. D. Hicks, Jr., Lawrenceville, Va. Buchanan County. Mr. W. L. Dennis, Chairman, Grundy, Va. Mrs. M. L. Combs, Grundy, Va. Mr. F. H. Combs, Grundy, Va. Buckingham County. Rev. C. M. Barrell, Chairman, Buckingham, Va. Mr. S. R. Twyman, Wingina, Va. Mrs. R. S. Ellis, Wily, Va. Campbell County. Mr. Walter Fauntleroy, Chairman, Altavista, Va. Mrs. J. J. Clay, Gladys, Va. Mrs. Cuthbert Gilliam, Evington, Va. Caroline County. Capt. C. T. Smith, Chairman, Croxton, Va. Willing Bowie, Bowling Green, Va. Rev. Andrew Broaddus, Sparta, Va. Carroll County. Hon. D. W. Bolen, Chairman, Hillsville, Va. Lawrence E. Lindsay, Hillsville, Va. Miss Alma Wilkinson, Woodlawn, Va. Charles City County. Dr. R. Benton Davis, Chairman, Holdcroft, Va. Mrs. D. Gardner Tyler, Holdcroft, Va. Mr. W. L. Wilkinson, Tettington, Va. Charlotte County. Mr. W. S. Morton, Chairman, Charlotte C. H., Va. Mr. K. L. Woody, Charlotte C. H., Va. Mrs. J. H. Norvell, Charlotte C. H., Va. Chesterfield County. Mrs. A. J. Hurt, Chairman, Chester, Va. Capt. W. W. Baker, Hallsboro, Va. Miss Lula Powell, Midlothian, Va. Clarke County Mrs. J. D. Richardson, Chairman, Gaylord, Va. Mr. John D. Richardson, Gaylord, Va. Mrs. Hugh Nelson, Millwood, Va. Craig County. Mr. A. J. Tingler, Chairman, Paint Bank, Va. Mr. Hofford Barger, New Castle, Va. Culpeper County. Miss Ardella Yowell, Chairman, Culpeper, Va. Dr. E. W. Winfrey, Culpeper, Va. Mrs. Raleigh Green, Culpeper, Va. Cumberland County. Mrs. Turner Thomas, Chairman, Cumberland C. H., Va. Miss Mary E. Godsey, Cumberland C. H., Va. Mrs. O. G. Flippin, Cumberland C. H., Va. Dickenson County. Mr S. H. Sutherland, Chairman, Clintwood, Va. Mr. John W. Flannagan, Jr., Clintwood, Va. Dinwiddie County. Mr. Morton G. Goode, Chairman, Dinwiddie, Va. Miss Sallie E. Hargrave, Dinwiddie, Va. Elizabeth City County. Mrs. Geo. K. Vanderslice, Chairman. Phoebus, Va. Mrs. W. W. Richardson, 123 Victoria Ave., Hampton, Va. Miss Bessie Fitchett, Hampton, Va. Essex County. Hon. James M. Lewis, Chairman, Tappahannock, Va. Mr. W. E. Wright, Tappahannock, Va. Mrs. Chas. A. Warner, Tappahannock, Va. Fairfax County. Mr. Wilson M. Farr, Chairman, Fairfax, Va. Mrs. G. L. Stunz, Vienna, Va. Rev. Wm. C. Torrence, Herndon, Va. Fauquier County. Mrs. Wm. C. Marshall, Chairman, Warrenton, Va. Mr. E. Albert Smith, Warrenton, Va. Mr. H. G. Groome, Warrenton, Va. Floyd County. I. L. Epperly, Chairman, Floyd, Va. Miss Jessie Peterman, Floyd, Va. Miss Susie Hurt, Copper Hill, Va. Fluvanna County. J. O. Shepherd, Chairman, Palmyra, Va. Mr. F. W. Sprague, Palmyra, Va. Miss Vera Pettit, Palmyra, Va. Franklin County. Mrs. Willie Wade, Chairman, Rocky Mount, Va. Mrs. C. J. Shoaf, Rockymount, Va. Mrs. W. C. Menefee, Rockymount, Va. Frederick County. Phillip Williams, Chairman, Winchaster, Va. Mrs. Alfred Wright, Clearbrook, Va. Phil H. Gold, Winchester, Va. Giles County. Mrs. Frances E. Miller, Chairman, Pearisburg, Va. F. S. Snidow, Pearisburg, Va. Judge Bernard Mason, Pearisburg, Va. Gloucester County. Rev. Wm. B. Lee, Chairman, Gloucester, Va. Rev. R. A. Folkes, Gloucester, Va. Mr. Basil Bernard Roane, Gloucester, Va. Goochland County. Mrs. Bradley S. Johnson, Chairman, 407 E. Grace St., Richmond, Va. Mrs. J. Cannon Hobson, Pemberton, Va. Mrs. L. R. Barras, Irwin, Va. Grayson County. Mr. J. M. Parsons, Chairman, Independence, Va. Miss Virgie Delp, Elk Creek, Va. Miss Rose Cox, Independence, Va. Greene County. Mr. B. M. Bushong, Chairman, Stanardsville, Va. Greenesville County. Mr. Henry Maclin, North Emporia, Va., Chairman. E. Peyton Turner, Emporia, Va. Dr. H. B. Mahood, North Emporia. Va. Halifax County. Mr. C. B. Lacy Chairman, South Boston, Va. Mr. C. B. Gibson, Clover, Va. Mrs. Tucker C. Watkins, Jr., South Boston, Va. Hanover County. Mr. J. Walton Hall, Chairman, Ashland, Va. Miss Mary C. Wilkie, Beaver Dam, Va. Mr. Geo. E. Haw, Hanover C. H., Va. Henrico County. Mr. Geo. Stoneman, Chairman, 1310 East Main St., Richmond, Va. Mrs. T. Ashby Wickham, Lorraine, Va. Rev. E. E. Osgood, Brook Hill, Va. Henry County. Hon. T. G. Burch, Chairman, Martinsville, Va. Mrs. Harden Hariston, Axton, Va. Miss Flora Whittle, Martinsville, Va. Highland County. Mr. G. Lee Chew, Chairman, Monterey, Va. Miss Eva Eakle, Monterey, Va. Miss Josephine Bradshaw, McDwell, Va. Isle of Wight County. Mr. A. S. Johnson, Chairman, Isle of Wight, Va. Mrs. Park D. Deans. Windsor, Va. James City County. Mr. Warren Marston, Chairman, Toano, Va. Mr. A. C. Cooper, Toano, Va. Mr. J. G. Carlton, Toano, Va. King & Queen County. Mrs. H. I. Dudley, Elsom, Va. Hon. Geo. C. Bland, Shacklefords, Va. King William County. Mr. Herbert I. Lewis, Chairman, West Point, Va. Mrs. Brantley Bray, Wakeman, Va. Mrs. Geo. W. Richardson, West Point, Va. Lancaster County. Mrs. E. A. Foole, Chairman, Molusk, Va. Mrs. J. Oscar Dameron, Weems, Va. Mrs. L. D. Cottingham, Brook Vale, Va. Lee County. John H. Russel, Ph. D., Chairman, Pennington, Gap, Va. L. M. Robinette, Jonesville, Va. W. A. Wygal, Jonesville, Va. Loudoun County. Rev. Geo. T. Baker, Chairman, Aldie, Va. Mrs. D. C. Sands, Middleburg, Va. Louisa County. Mr. Robt. C. Hart, Chairman, Pendleton, Va. Mr. J. H. Quisenberry, Frederick Hall, Va. Mrs. S. M. Coleman, Poindexter, Va. Lunenburg County. Mr. N. S. Turnbull, Chairman, Victoria, Va. Mrs. Bruce Clarke, Victoria, Va. Mr. W. P. Holt, Kenbridge, Va. Madison County. Mr. R. F. Hull, Chairman, Locust Dale, Va. Mrs. R. W. Clore, Criglersville, Va. Mrs. James Hay, Madison, Va. Mecklenburg County. Mr. W. D. Blanks, Chairman, Clarksville, Va. Mr. J. E. Brame, Chase City, Va. Mr. H. F. Hutcheson, Boydton, Va. Middlesex County. Mr. W. D. Evans, Chairman, Saluda. Va. Mrs. Nannie McCandish, Saluda, Va. Mr. Carl R. Tomlinson, Urbanna, Va. Montgomery County. Mr. R. I. Roop, Chairman, Christiansburg, Va. Dr. C. W. Newman, Blacksburg, Va. Mrs. Mark Reid, Radford, Va. Nansemond County. Mr. Geo. E. Bunting, Chairman, Suffolk, Va. Mr. C. E. Byrd, Holland, Va., R. F. D. No. 2. Mr. C. R. Fulgham, Suffolk, Va. New Kent County. Mr. R. T. Southall, Chairman, Quinton, Va. Norfolk County. Mrs. Thomas P. Thompson, Chairman, Lockhaven, Norfolk, Va. Dr. John W. Buchanan, 505 Dickenson Bldg., Norfolk, Va. Mr. Julian S. Lawrence, Churchland, Va. Northampton County. Mrs. Wm. B. Fitzhugh, Chairman, Machipongo, Va. Mr. J. E. Nottingham, Jr., Franktown, Va. Mrs. R. A. McGuire, Cape Charles, Va. Nelson County. Dr. Fred M. Horsley, Chairman, Lovingston, Va. Miss Mary Whitehead, Lovingston, Va. Mr. L. Grafton Tucker, Lovingston, Va. Northumberland County. Mr. H. Gordon Blundon, Chairman, Reedsville, Va. Mrs. A. M. Douglas, Callao, Va. Nottoway County. Mr. W. R. Jones, Chairman, Blackstone, Va. Mr. W. W. Cobb, Blackstone, Va. Miss Emma G. Lambert, Blackstone, Va. Orange County. Mr. E. F. Golson, Chairman, Somerset, Va. Mrs. Geo. Browning, Orange, Va. Mr. J. W. Browning, Orange, Va. Page County. Mrs. S. E. Long, Shenandoah, Va. Pittsylvania County. Mrs. N. E. Clement, Chairman, Chatham, Va. Mr. C. W. Warren, Chatham, Va. Mrs. Lanier Carter, Chatham, Va. Powhatan County. Mrs. R. D. Tucker, Chairman, Powhatan, Va. Dr. E. L. Tompkins, Pine Creek Mills, Va. Mr. M. P. Bonnifant, Powhatan, Va. Prince Edward County. Dr. Alfred J. Morrison, Chairman, Hampden-Sidney, Va. Mrs. J. L. Jarman, Farmville, Va. Mrs. Roberta H. Large, Farmville, Va. Prince George County. Miss Belle Webb, Chairman, Prince George, Va., R. F. D. 1. Mrs. J. H. Pulliam, Prince George, Va. Mr. J. T. Shanos, Carson, Va. Pulaski County. Mr. T. M. Painter, Chairman, Pulaski. Mr. J. H. Meek, Pulaski, Va. Mr. E. L. Darst, Pulaski, Va. Princess Anne County. Mrs. W. F. Wilber, Chairman, Princess Anne R. D., Va. Mrs. Richard J. Alfriend, R. D. 2, Princess Anne, Va. Mrs. George W. Bratten, Princess Anne, Va. Richmond County. Mr. W. T. Tyler, Chairman, Warsaw, Va. Miss Estelle Taylor, Warsaw, Va. Mrs. A. V. Payne, Farnham, Va. Roanoke County. Mr. Charles D. Denit, Chairman, Salem, Va. Mrs. W. F. Moorehead, Salem, Va. Mr. O. L. Stearnes, Salem, Va. Rockbridge County. Mrs. E. W. McCorkle, Chairman, Rockbridge Baths, Va. Miss Evelyn Davis, Rockbridge Baths, Va. Rev. Churchill Gibson, Lexington, Va. Rockingham County. Mr. Joe. K. Ruebush, Chairman, Dayton, Va. Miss Kate Pennypacker, Linville Depot, Va. Capt. Rembrant Keezle, Keezletown, Va. Russell County. Mr. S. B. Quillen, Chairman, Lebanon, Va. Mr. A. G. Lively, Honaker, Va. Mr. John White Stuart, Honaker, R. D., Va. Scott Countty. Mr. Joseph H. Peters, Chairman, Gate City, Va. R. M. Addington. Maces Springs, Va. Dr. N. W. Stallard, Dungannon, Va. Shenandoah County. Hon. F. S. Tavenner, Chairman, Woodstock, Va. Mrs. H. H. Ramey, Strasburg, Va. Smyth County. Dr. S. W. Dickenson, Chairman, Marion, Va. Mr. R. T. Greer, Marion, Va. Mr. A. T. Lincoln, Marion, Va. Southampton County Mr. G. L. H. Johnson, Chairman, Franklin, Va. Miss Fanny L. Webb, Franklin, Va. Mr. H. B. McLemore, Courtland, Va. Stafford County. Mrs. R. A. Moncure, Chairman, Stafford, Va. Mrs. Mark Sullivan, Fredericksburg, Va. Dr. G. W. Wallace, Falmouth, Va. Surry County Mr. A. W. Bohannan, Chairman, Surry C. H., Va. Mrs. T. J., Spratley, Surry C. H., Va. Dr. W. W. Seward, Surry C. H., Va. Sussex County. Rev. W. W. Edwards, Chairman, Yale, Va. Mrs. T. B. Faison, Wakefield, Va. Mrs. Philip Freeman, Stony Creek, Va. Tazewell County. Dr. Isaac Pierce, Chairman, Tazewell, Va. Mrs. S. C. Graham, Tazewell, Va. Warren County. Miss Margaret Grayson, Chairman, Front Royal, Va. Miss Mabel Bowman, Riverton, Va. Miss Leslie Fox, Front Royal, Va. Warwick County. Mrs. E. C. Madison, Chairman, Denbigh, Va. Mrs. I. Poindexter, Morrison, Va. Mrs. H. M. Clements, Lee Hall, Va. Washington County. Mr. R. J. Summers, Chairman, Abingdon, Va. Mr. Willis Crabtree, Benhams, Va. Dr. E. C. Hamilton, Abingdon, Va. Wise County. Mr. C. R. McCorkle, Chairman, Wise, Va. Mrs. N. F. Hix, Wise, Va. Mrs. R. Tate Irvine, Big Stone Gap, Va. Wythe County. Mr. J. A. C. Hurt, Chairman, Wytheville, Va. Miss Mary Sue Oglesby, Max Meadows, Va. York County. Mr. L. R. O'Hara, Chairman, Yorktown, Va. Mrs. Sidney Smith, Yorktown, Va. Mrs. George L. Smith, Tabb, Va.

CITIES. Alexandria. Miss Helen N. Cummings, Chairman, 606 Cameron St., Alexandria, Va. Miss Rose McDonald, Alexandria, Va. Mrs. Kate Waller Barrett, Alexandria, Va. Bristol. Hon. Geo. H. Warren, Chairman, Bristol, Va. Dr. Geo. E. Wylie, Bristol, Va. Mrs. Virginia Parrish, Bristol, Va. Buena Vista. Mr. John Dabney Smith, Chairman, Buena Vista, Va. Mrs. M. T. Vaden, Buena Vista, Va. Mrs. H. S. Rucker, Buena Vista, Va. Charlottesville. Mr. R. T. Minor, Jr., Chairman, Charlottesville, Va. Miss Bettie Page Cocke, Charlottesville, Va. Judge R. T. W. Duke, Jr., Charlottesville, Va. Clifton Forge. Mrs. Geo. M. Farrar, Chairan, Clifton Forge, Va. Rev. F. W. Long, 50 Rose Avenue, Clifton Forge, Va. Mrs. A. C. Ford, Clifton Forge, Va. Danville. Mr. W. M. Perry, Chairman, Danville, Va. Mrs. J. Pinkney Williamson, 120 Holbrook Ave., Danville, Va. Mrs. A. B. Carrington, 622 Holbrook Avenue, Danville, Va. Fredericksburg. Mrs. Franklin Stearnes, Chairman, Fredericksburg, Va. Judge John T. Goolrick, Fredericksburg, Va. Mr. A. V. Yates, Fredericksburg, Va. Hampton. Mrs. Henry Schmelz, Hampton, Va. Mr. John Weymouth, Hampton, Va. Mrs. Richard Armstrong, Chairman, Hampton, Va. Harrisonburg. Dr. J. W. Wayland, Chairman, Harrisonburg, Va. Mrs. John T. Harris, Harrisonburg, Va. Capt. John Paul, Harrisonburg, Va. Hopewell. Mr. David Harrison, Chairman, Hopewell, Va. Mr. Richard Eppes, Hopewell, Va. Mrs. Thomas B. Robertson, Hopewell, Va. Lynchburg. Mrs. Dexter Otey, Chairman, Lynchburg, Va. Mrs. John H. Lewis, 609 Court St. Lynchburg, Va. Herbert F. Miley, Lynchburg, Va. Norfolk. Mrs. Frantz Naylor, Chairman, 625 Raleigh Ave., Norfolk, Va. Mrs. Alan R. Hanckel, 322 Bute St., W., Norfolk, Va. Mrs. Norman H. Slack, Norfolk, Va. Newport News. Mrs. Homer L. Feruson, Chairman, Newport News, Va. Mrs. W. S. Copeland, Newport News, Va. Mrs. H. E. Parker, 112 27th St., Newport News, Va. Petersburg. Dr. W. F. Drewry, Chairman, Petersburg, Va. Mrs. Geo. Cameron, Jr., Petersburg, Va. Mr. Richard T. Wilson, Petersburg, Va. Portsmouth. Mr. Frank R. Crocker, Chairman, Portsmouth, Va. Mr. J. Davis Reed, Portsmouth, Va. Mrs. Beverley C. Cobb, Portsmouth, Va. Radford. Mr. J. A. Painter, Chairman, Radford, Va. Mrs. Wm. E. Gilbert, Radford, Va. Richmond. Mr. George Bryan, Chairman, Richmond, Va. Dr. C. R. Robins, Richmond, Va. Mr. Willis C. Pulliam, South Richmond, Va. Rev. C. Hannigan, 709 N. First St. Richmond, Va. Dr. Susan M. Lough, Westhampton College, Richmond, Va. Dr. J. G. Randall, Richmond College, Richmond, Va. Morgan P. Robinson, State Library, Richmond, Va. Roanoke. Mr. Lucien H. Cocke, Chairman, Roanoke, Va. Mr. D. D. Hull, Roanoke, Va. Dr. Arthur Rowbotham, Roanoke, Va. Suffolk. Judge J. L. McLemore, Chairman, Suffolk, Va. Mrs. Arthur Woolford, Suffolk, Va. Mr. G. A. Harris, Suffolk, Va. Staunton. J. P. Neff, Chairman, Staunton, Va. Mrs. Alexander F. Robertson, Staunton, Va. Mrs. Harry S. Green, Staunton, Va. Williamsburg. Mr. Ashton Dovell, Chairman, Williamsburg, Va. Mrs. R. M. Crawford, Williamsburg, Va. Mr. T. H. Geddy, Williamsburg, Va. Winchester. Mr. C. Vernon Eddy, Chairman, Winchester, Va. Miss Augusta Conrad, 12 N. Market St., Winchester, Va. Mrs. Clay LeGrange, Winchester, Va.

Negro Collaborators John Mitchell, Jr., Chairman. W. T. B. Williams, Vice Chairman T. C. Erwin, Secretary Mrs. Maggie L. Walker, Major Allen Washington, John M. Grandy, J. H. McGrew, Mrs. M. R. Johnson, Miss L. A. Jenkins, Rev. R. C. Woods, Mrs. J. P. Barrett, Rev. A. A. Graham, J. B. Pierce, P. B. Young T. C. Walker, Rev. J. E. Jones, Rev. M. E. Davis, Rev. T. J. King, M. A. Morrell, Dr. J. S. Russell, J. T. Newsome, Fred D. Morton, Rev. Z. D. Lewis, Dr. W. H. Hughes, Rev. L. L. Downing, Mrs. I. N. Paey, E. A. Long, W. H. Crocker, Mrs. Lizzie Tyrrell, R. E. Clay, Rev. G. W. Goode, Rev. E. H. Hunter.

Report of District Meeting (Continued from page 1) semond county were called upon and plan of organization outlined to them. The members of both of these commissions showed great interest and desire to commence active work at once.

SOUTHAMPTON. On December 18th, the matter of the organization of Southampton county was taken up with two members of the commission. They also showed great interest and are awaiting the acceptance of appointment of the ten collaborator-chairmen appointed by this commission according to the plan printed in the News Letter of August last.

GREENVILLE. On December 19th, at a meeting held at Emporia, the Greenville county Commission was completed by the appointment of Messrs. E. Peyton Turner and Dr. H. B. Mahood, who, with Mr. Henry MAclin, chairman, comprise the Greenville coutny Branch. THis commission will become active as soon as they can organize and recieve their supply of military questionnaires and those pertaining to other topics.

DANVILLE. On January 5, 1920, the Danville Branch met with Mr. Shafto and organized by appointing ten colaborator-chairmen, all of whom are now ready to begin work upon the topic assigned them.

PITTSYLVANIA. On January 6th, Mr. Shafto visited the Pittsylvania Commission and found them organized, with much of their work now completed. Particular mention should be made of the fact that this Branch has had remarkable success in securing the service records of the men in the county. The Board of Supervisors in Pittsylvania county have shown considerable interest in the work and have appropriated $500.00 to be spent as needed by the local commission.

HALIFAX On January 7th, the Halifax county Branch was visited and organization completed by the appointment of ten collaborater-chairmen. Military questionnaires have since been supplied this commission and an active campaign is under way.

MECKLENBURG On January 8th, the Mecklenburg Branch was completed by the appointment of Hon. H. F. Hutcheson as a member of the commission and the election of Hon. W. D. Blanks as chairman. A meeting of this commission will be held at an early date to complete the organization.

LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS RECENTLY COMPLETED (Continued from page 1) Topic 7- The Red Cross in Virginia, Rev. F. R. Lee, Franklin, Va., Collaborator-Chairman. Topic 8- War-Work and Relief Organizations, Miss Ruth Owen, Franklin, Va., Collaborator-Chairman. Topic 9- War Letters, Diaries and Incidents, Miss Fanny L. Webb, Franklin, Va., Collaborator-Chair-man. Topic 10- Post-War Conditions and Activities, J. C. Parker, Franklin, Va., Collaborator-Chairman.