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"The Song of the Seventy-Five"

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[drawing with notation] "Bringing up the Guns" Argonne Meuse Roger McElhone Smith 2nd Lt. 304 F.A. A.E.F. BRINGING UP THE 75'S "The 75's were always there - no matter how bad the roads or how fast the Infantry moved forward. Roads mined by the retreating Germans, guns often axle-deep in mud - but . . . . . they always GOT THERE! A battery would go forward and fire to cover Infantry advances, until the enemy moved out of range - then FORWARD again - a new position - and another hail of death - another rain of 75's would descend upon the enemy lines. Shoulders to the wheels, the men pushed stubbornly ahead, up grades and through mud. On November 11th there was not a mile of French or American line without its protecting batteries of aggressive 75's, right up at the front, ready to sweep forward with the Infantry. . . . . . But then the armistice was signed! (Copyright 1919 By Snead & Co.)