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"The Song of the Seventy-Five"

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[drawing with notation] "Laying the gun" Argonne - Meuse Offensive 1918 Roger McElhone Smith - 2d. Lt. 304 F.A. A. E. F. "LAYING THE GUN" or "SHIFTING THE TRAIL" When the trusty 75 had registered fire in one spot until the object was destroyed, or until the enemy had withdrawn out of range, the position was changed, to keep the shells following the retreating Boche. High explosive, gas, schrapnel, incendiary, anti-aircraft, smoke or illuminating - there was a specially loaded shell for each different kind of a job. When the 75's were'nt firing point blank from exposed forward positions, they were cleverly concealed under camouflage and "fired from the map", aided by telephone reports from advanced observatories, or radios from aeroplanes. Wonderful mechanical precision and exact mathematical calculations made the rain of shells overwhelmingly swift and accurate. Twenty shots a minute from one gun, and a hundred hits in a thirty yard circle two miles away could be depended upon - the 75 was a MARVEL! (Copyright 1919 By Snead & Co.)