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Article, "A German Plan to Invade the United States"

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In a pamphlet entitled ˝Oversea Operations: A Study˝, published in Berlin in 1901, Baron Franz Wilhelm Leopold Heinrich Friedrich von Edelsheim, of the 2nd Uhlan Regiment of the Guard, unfolded a scheme for the invasion of the United States of America. The tone of the pamphlet exhibits ˝Pan-Germanism˝ in its most aggressive form. That the scheme was not merely the ipse dixit or utopian dream of a mere individual officer suffering from proverbial Prussian swelled-headedness is proved by the fact that the pamphlet was published to promote military study in the Army and Navy Club of Berlin.

In the preface the author states that his pamphlet is an endeavor to demonstrate the value of oversea operations in modern warfare, the principal requirement for their execution being insured by the magnitude of the resources which Germany has at her disposal for such undertakings, and to promote interest in the study of matters of the highest importance to the Fatherland in connection with war waged at a distance.

In the introduction it is stated that the four years ending in 1901 demonstrated to Germany the intimate connection which