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Leaflet, "To the Men of Great Britain: a Call to Arms"

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"ENGLAND! WHAT THOU WERT, THOU ART!" Gird thee with thine ancient might, Forth, and God defend the Right! HENRY NEWBOLT TO THE MEN OF GREAT BRITAIN. A CALL TO ARMS. Your Country wants more men for her Army in the Great War now in progress. What are we at war for? We are fighting to maintain our national honour in keeping with our written promise to other nations. The Independence of Belgium is guaranteed by a treaty, signed by Great Britain and Germany, Germany tore the treaty to bits; "hacked her way" through Belgium and the Belgian people; and cannot understand why we should worry over "only a Scrap of Paper." If this country had broken its pledged word and played Belgium false, Great Britain would for ever have been dishonoured in the eyes of the civilized world. "For my part, I say that sooner than be a silent witness, which means in effect a willing accomplice of this tragic triumph of force over law and of brutality over freedom, I would see this country of ours blotted out of the page of history." (Mr. ASQUITH at the Guildhall.) We are fighting to maintain the Integrity and safety of our Empire. Germany has made it clear that if she defeats France she intends to take the French Colonies. It would be our turn next. It will NEVER be our turn if every part of our Empire now does its duty. Ask yourself what your part of this duty at this time of crisis is. "As Cromwell said to his Ironsides, we can say to-day with equal truth, 'We know what we are fighting for, and we love what we know.' We are fighting for our national existence, for everything which nations have always held most dear."--(Mr. BONAR LAW at the Guildhall.) We are fighting to protect our shores from the foe--to guard our dear ones from the ruthless barbarity with which the German invaders have treated the Belgian people. In this great struggle for our national good name, for our far-flung Empire's safety, for our hearths and homes in the Mother Country, your King and your Country call for more men in the British Army. In all the millions of men now in arms none are fighting more bravely and stoutly than the Englishmen, Scotchmen, Irishmen and Welshmen in our Expeditionary Force. But the Mother Country has plenty more stalwart sons of the same breed and mettle, and these she also needs to fight for her. SEE TO IT THAT THE MOTHER COUNTRY DOES NOT CALL IN VAIN. JOIN THE ARMY YOURSELF AT ONCE, UNLESS FOR ANY SUFFICIENT REASON YOU CANNOT DO SO. IN THAT CASE HELP TO MAKE IT EASY FOR OTHERS TO RESPOND TO THE MOTHER COUNTRY'S CALL TO ARMS. Published by the PARLIAMENTARY RECRUITING COMMITTEE, 12, Downing Street, Westminster, and Printed by HAZELL, WATSON & VINEY, LD., 52, Long Acre, London, W.C. W 4698 50,000 9/14 5317 50,000 9/14 Leaflet No. 6.