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Leaflet, "The Rally of Our United Empire"

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"A Just Cause to A Successful End."

The Rally of Our United Empire.

The Great War has revealed the United Kingdom as the centre of an United Empire, heartily and loyally determined "to prosecute a just cause to a successful end."


That is how the Empire's determination was expressed by the King in his Message to his Peoples Overseas, in which he said:--

"During the past few weeks the peoples of my whole Empire at Home and Overseas have moved with one mind and purpose to confront and overthrow an unparalleled assault upon the continuity of civilisation and the peace of mankind.

"The calamitous conflict is not of my seeking. My voice has been cast throughout on the side of peace. My Ministers earnestly strove to allay the causes of strife and to appease differences with which my Empire was not concerned.

"Had I stood aside when, in defiance of pledges to which my kingdom was a party, the soil of Belgium was violated and her cities laid desolate, when the very life of the French nation was threatened with extinction, I should have sacrificed my honour and given to destruction the liberties of my Empire and of mankind.

"I rejoice that every part of the Empire is with me in this decision."

UNITED WE STAND. This Empire unity is a sad blow to our enemies. One of their calculations was that war would find us embarrassed and paralysed by discords within our Empire. In particular, they thought India would seize the opportunity to rise against our rule. India, it is true, has risen as one man -- (B 3040) Wt. w. 5101--23 50,500 10/14 H & S