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Leaflet, "The Rally of Our United Empire"

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2 in enthusiastic support of her Emperor King. In our Dominions and in our Crown Colonies, the story is the same. Wherever the Union Jack flies, it flies over British subjects, prepared to give their last man and their last shilling rather than see Great Britain defeated in prosecuting "a just cause to a successful end." Read the story in detail of how the King's Peoples Overseas are rallying to the cause of the Empire in the Great War. THE SELF-GOVERNING DOMINIONS. "Paramount regard for treaty faith and the pledged word of rulers and peoples is the common heritage of Great Britain and of the Empire. "My peoples in the Self-Governing Dominions have shown beyond all doubt that they wholeheartedly endorse the grave decision which it was necessary to take." (Extract from the King's Message to His Self-Governing Dominions.)

NAVAL AND MILITARY ASSISTANCE* Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have all placed at the disposal of our Navy their ships and men, who have already rendered good service to the flag. The three same Dominions are also all sending and paying for strong Expeditionary Forces for service at the front. Canada is sending infantry, cavalry, and artillery, over 30,000 men in all. Australia is sending a first contingent of 20,000 men of all arms, with more to follow. The New Zealand Expeditionary Force is 8,000 men. In South African, the Union Government has released all British troops in that country, and has undertaken important military operations against German possessions on its borders. Newfoundland has doubled the numbers of its branch of the Royal Naval Reserve, and is sending 500 men to fight in our Army on the Continent.


The Dominions are equally generous in the magnificent gifts in kind which they are sending to the Mother Country.

This leaflet contains the offers of help from the various portions of our Overseas Empire made up to the end of September. Other offers are being made, almost daily.