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Leaflet, "The Rally of Our United Empire"

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3 Canada gives 1,000,000 bags of flour of 98 lbs. each, and in addition Ontario contributes 250,000 bags, and Manitoba 50,000 bags. For the Army, Alberta sends 500,000 bushels of oats, and Saskatchewan 1,500 horses. Nova Scotia gives 100,000 tons of coal; Quebec 4,000,000 lbs. of cheese. Prince Edward Island 100,000 bushels of oats, as well as cheese and hay; New Brunswick 100,000 bushels of potatoes; British Columbia 25,000 cases of tinned salmon. All the food and coal is to be used for the relief of distress. Queensland is sending a shipload of foodstuffs to the value of over £20,000 for the Army and for the relief of distress, and a private firm in Victoria 1,000 gallons of port wine for sick wounded soldiers. As one of the Dominion Prime Ministers has said, the Dominions are with the Mother Country "to the last man and the last shilling."


These Colonies are not behindhand with the Self-Governing Dominions in their desire to help the Mother Country. Ceylon is sending a trained double company of infantry. Hong Kong has offered to double local subscriptions to the Prince of Wales's Fund up to $100,000. Barbados as a "symbol of loyalty and attachment" spends £20,000 on sugar. British Guiana gives 1,000 tons of sugar. The Falkland Islands send a first contribution of £3,000 to the Prince of Wales's National Relief Fund; St. Kitts, Nevis and Montserrat in the Colony of the Leeward Islands to the same fund contribute £6,000; Fiji gives £1,000. Granada sends £6,000 worth of cocoa for our forces and £4,000 for the Prince of Wales's Fund; St. Lucia £2,000 for the purchase of arrowroot for the forces and as a contribution to the Fund, besides other private subscriptions. Trinidad gives £40,000 worth of cocoa. Gambia gives £10,000. Jamaica offers a gift of sugar from her next crop; and 300,000 cigarettes for H.M.'s troops, from a private firm. The Planters of Mauritius give 2,000,000 lbs. of sugar, half for the Navy, half for the Army. A gift of maize is contributed by Southern Rhodesia.