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Leaflet, "The Rally of Our United Empire"

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5 India on the outbreak of war. The Viceroy has accepted from twelve States contingents of cavalry, infantry, sappers, and transport, besides a camel corps from Bikaner, and most of them have already embarked. GIFTS IN MONEY AND IN KIND. As particular instances of generosity and eager loyalty of the Chiefs, the following may be quoted:--Various Durbars have combined together to provide a hospital ship to be called "The Loyalty," for the use of the Expeditionary Forces. The Maharaja of Mysore has placed 50 lakhs of rupees (£333,000) at the disposal of the Government of India for expenditure in connection with the Expeditionary Force. The chief of Gwalior, in addition to sharing in the expenses of the hospital ship, the idea of which was originated with himself and the Begum of Bhopal, has offered to place large sums of money at the disposal of the Government of India and to provide thousands of horses as remounts. From Loharu in the Punjab and Las Bela and Kalat in Baluchistan come offers of camels with drivers, to be supplied and maintained by the Chiefs and Sardars. Several chiefs have offered to raise additional troops for military service should they be required, and donations to the Indian Relief Fund have poured in from all the States. The Maharaja of Rewa has offered his troops, his treasury, and even his private jewellery for the service of the King-Emperor. In addition to contributions to the Indian Fund, some Chiefs, namely, those of Kashmir, Bundi, Orchha and Gwalior and Indore, have also given large sums to the Prince of Wales's Fund. The Maharaja of Kashmir not content with subscribing himself to the Indian Fund, presided at a meeting of 20,000 people held recently at Srinagar, and delivered a stirring speech, in response to which large subscriptions were collected. Maharaja Holkar offers, free of charge, all horses in his State Army which may be suitable for Government purposes. Horses also offered by Nizam's Government, by Jamnagar, and other Bombay States. Every Chief in the Bombay Presidency has placed the resources of his State at the disposal of Government, and all have made contributions to the Relief Fund. Loyal messages and offers also received from Mehtar of Chitral and tribes of Khyber Agency, as well as Khyber Rifles.