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Leaflet, "The Rally of Our United Empire"

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8 As the PRIME MINISTER said at Edinburgh (September 18th, 1914):-- "The task will not be a light one. Its full accomplishment--and nothing short of full accomplishment is worth of our traditions or will satisfy our resolves-- will certainly take months, it may even take years...the supreme necessity that lies upon us as a nation, nay as a brotherhood and family of nations, is to rise to its height and to acquit ourselves of our duty." THE GREAT WAR CALLS FOR GREAT EXERTIONS FOR THE GREAT EMPIRE. WHAT THE EMPIRE WANTS FROM THE MOTHER COUNTRY IS STILL MORE MEN TO MAKE SURE OF VICTORY IN THE GREAT STRUGGLE FOR "A JUST CAUSE." ENLIST NOW. How to Enlist:--Go to the nearest Post Office. There you will get the address of the nearest Recruiting Depôt, where you can enrol yourself. Who may Enlist:--All men between 19 and 35, all old soldiers up to 45. Terms of Enlistment:--You may join for the War only if you do not want to serve for the full period as a regular soldier. Then you may return when the War is over to your ordinary employment. Pay:--Ordinary Army Pay (minimum 6s. 8d. a week, clear of all expenses), Food Clothing and Lodging. Separation allowance for Wives and Children. Pensions for the Wounded:--Men disabled on service will be entitled after discharge to benefits under the Insurance Act in addition to the Pension given by the War Office for partial or total disablement. This pension varies from 3s. 6d. to 24s. 6d a week. For Widows:--The Widows of those who die on active service will receive, subject to certain qualifications, Pensions at various rates from 5s. to 10s. a week, with 1s. 6d or 2s. a week for each child.

Published by the PARLIAMENTARY RECRUITING COMMITTEE, 12, Downing Street, London, S.W., and Printed by HARRISON AND SONS, Printers in Ordinary to His Majesty, St. Martin's Lane, W.D. 7/19/14 Leaflet No. 14.