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Citizens: Petition, Rockingham County

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To the Honourable The General Assembly of Virginia. We the undersigned citizens of Rockingham county Virginia, respectfully represent, that Nathan, a free man of colour, residing in this county, who was emancipated by his late mistress, Catherine Dunlap, of this county who departed this life in May 1833 ___ is desirous of remaining in said county with where his wife and children reside with their master Mr. George Letes ___ . Most of us have been long acquainted with the said Nathan ___ he was born and raised in the family of his late master, Wm. Dunlap in sd county, and after his said masters' death, was purchased by his late mistress and lived with her from the time of his late masters' death, to the time of his death during all of which time, the said Nathan has been a faithful servant to his said owners __ as an evidence of which, (as we have above stated) his late mistress emancipated him by her last will. Nathan is now considerably advanced in years, has a wife and four children, who are slaves __ and having, as he states, no way of purchasing them in any short time, eaven if their master would sell them _ and leaving all those tender sympathies and ties which bind man to the place of his birth, the wife of his bosom and the ofspring of their mutual love and affections ___ Thus circumstanced, he has applied to us, to unite with him, in a petition to your honourable body, to authorize him, by law, to spend the remnant of his days, in the said county in which he was born and where are, his wife children & friends and almost every other object which he holds dear __ We therefore, from the facts and circumstances above dictated from the known good character of sd Nathan and from a firm belief that his being permitted to remain among us, in our said county will cause no injury to the good citizens of this county & the commonwealth do earnestly and respectfully request that the said Nathan be authorized by the General Assembly of Virginia, to reside in the said county of Rockingham _ and your petitioners as