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Robert Earl Reese War Savings Bond, Class A Pay Reservation Application, 3 February 1943

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WAR SAVINGS BOND, CLASS A PAY RESERVATION APPLICATION ( )OFFICER. ( )NURSE. ( )WARRANT OFFICER. (X)SOLDIER. ( )CIVILIAN. ( )CONTRACT SURGEON QUADRIPLICATE 597-K r (See Instructions and conditions on reverse) 1. Place: Miami Beach, Fla. Date: 2-3-43 ,19 (Station, post, or camp) (City) (State) 2. I, ( ) Mrs. ( ) Mr. ( ) Miss Pvt. Reese Robert E 33530166 (Grade) (Last name) (First name) (Initial) (Serial number) 3. of AAF (Regiment and Arm or Service) hereby request and authorize a Class A Pay Reservation from my pay for the 4. purchase of War Savings Bonds, Series E, in the denomination of: (x) $25 ( ) $50 ( )$100 ( )$500 ( ) $1,000 MATURITY VALUE, at the rate of $ 6.25 each pay day beginning with pay due me on 2-28-43, 19 , 5. my pay-roll period being [x] monthly, [ ] semimonthly, [ ] weekly. I FURTHER AGREE that in signing this form I understand that this authorization will remain in effect to include last full month of my enlistment, period of active duty, or employment with the War Department, unless revoked by me, in writing, prior to that date, and that sums reserved pursuant to this authorization will not bear interest before they have been converted into War Savings Bonds. 6. Register bonds in my name - At R. F. D. #2 Nathalie Va. (Number and street) (City) (State) 7. List as my [ ] Co-owner or [X] Beneficiary [X] Mrs. [ ] Mr. [ ] Miss. Reese Mary C (Last name) (First Name) (Initial) CAUTION> See Instruction No. #7 on reverse. At R. F. D. #2 Nathalie Va. (Number and street) (City) (State) 8. Mail bonds to* - [X] Mrs. Reese Mary C (Last name) (First name) (Initial) At R.F.D. #2 Nathalie Va (Number and street) (City) (State) 9. Hold bonds in safekeeping at the Treasury Department at no expense to me and mail receipt therefor to me* At [blank] (number and street) (City) (State) 10. I direct that when my Bond Account is closed out the unapplied balance thereof be refunded to me - At R. F. D. #2 (Number and street) (City) (State) 11. Entered on Service Record or Pay Card by [blank] (Initials only) 12. x [signature] Robert E Reese 13. [blank] (Signature of personnel or other responsible officer with grade and organization)

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W.D., A.G.O. Form 29-5 - Revised Form Approved by Comptroller General, U. S. May 28, 1942 16-28506-1