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Robert Earl Reese War Savings Bond, Class A Pay Reservation Application, 3 February 1943

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Instructions and Conditions Numbers used to refer to items on face of form 1. Enter place and date form is executed. 2. State proper title, grade (if any), name of subscriber, and serial number (if any). Every individual whose name appears on form must be further identified by one of the following titles: Mrs., Mr., Miss, Grade. If there are TWO given names the initial of ONE may be used. Married women must use their own given name, i. e., Mrs. Mary A., NOT Mrs. John R. 3. State Arm or Service of subscriber. Give regiment, if known, of military subscriber. 4. Indicate denomination of bond desired: state amount to be deducted each pay day. 5. Indicate subscriber's pay-roll period 6. Give home address or other permanent post-office address, if any. 7. Co-owner or Beneficiary is not necessary, but if desired. ONE person may be named as either a Co-owner or a Beneficiary, NOT BOTH. In cases of married women, see (2) above. If a Co-owner is designated, either the Co-owner or the subscriber may redeem the bond with the signature of the other. If a Beneficiary is designated the bond can be redeemed ONLY by the subscriber during his lifetime, and by the Beneficiary ONLY is he or she survives the subscriber. 8. If subscriber desires bonds to be mailed, give name and address of person to whom bonds are to be sent. 9. If subscriber desires Treasury Department to hold bonds in safekeeping, give address to which receipt therefor is to be mailed. CAUTION. - If name and address are given on line 8, line 9 should be left blank or vice versa. 10. Give address to which refunds are to be sent. 11. Enter initials of person making required entries on Service Records and on other pertinent records. 12. Subscriber must sign original and duplicate copies of application in ink or indelible pencil. 13. Personnel or other Responsible Officer must sign original and duplicate copies of applications submitted by civilian and enlisted subscribers. ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS AND CONDITIONS Disposition of forms: ORIGINAL and DUPLICATE copies sent to Chief of Finance, War Bond Division, Washington, D. C. TRIPICATE copy retained by Commanding or Personnel Officer QUADRUPLICATE copy retained by Subscriber. Amounts: Only multiples of $1.25 acceptable. Minimum Reservations: (a) Officers, Nurses, Warrant Officers, Contract Surgeons, $3.75 per month; (b) Enlisted men, $1.25 per month; (c) Civilian employees - not less than $12.50 per month except for employees paid less than $1500.00 per annum, in which cases reservations at a rate of $7.50 or $10.00 per month will be accepted. For further instructions see W. D. Circulars. U. S. Government Printing Office: 1942 16-28506-2