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Templeman, Samuel: Petition, Westmoreland County

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Having been requested by Mr. Samuel Templeman to declare the circumstances attending the death of the negro man Joe, who was killed on the 24th of December last; in compliance with his request, I do hereby certify, that, on that day, in the evening, I was summoned by a messenger (from Capt. Gerard McKenney, I believe) to attend immediately at a certain Gerard Hutt's, to receive orders for opposing a conspiracy which, he said, was on foot among the negroes. I attended accordingly, and was told by the said McKenney that I must patrol the neighborhood, during the night, under arms; for that he was empowered, under the executive authority, to give there commands. I armed myself, & was associated with two others, James Robinson & William McKenney. If I misremember not, the orders given us by capt. McKenney were, to search the negro cabins, & take everything which we found in them, which bore a hostile aspect, such as powder, shot etc. into our possession; to apprehend every negro whom we found from his home; & if he made any resistance, or ran from us, to fire on him immediately, unless he could be stopped by other means. After having been on patrol for about four or five hours, we came to Mr. Solomon Redman's, where the above-named Robinson resided; & the latter's hearing a strange voice in one of the huts to which we went, demanded who was there. Some evasive answer was made by a woman (as I thought), & a negro man came out at the door. McKenney &