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David J. Castleman letter to Mary Pride Jones, 11 August 1918

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not heard from the third one when I left. Desertion in time of war meant death, unless otherwise directed by the Gen. C.M. Last night a friend & I took in the picture show. After it was over one of those unexpected things happened, as we came out. I'll tell you about it some day. Temptation is sometimes very strong, but there is always you standing between me & it - I am truly yours and always shall be. "Jai une mariee" is my watchword and talisman. Slept at a hotel down town last night, and it was the first decent sleep I've had in over a week. My bedding roll hasn't shown up yet, and I have to sleep on hard boards sans matelas. Didn't get up until 9 and had dejeuner in bed. I hated to get out of bed - you know the French are past masters in the art of making beds. The Hun is on the run & we'll soon be home. It is a glorious thought - Au revoir dear heart. D. .