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Jenny : Deed of Manumission, Accomack County

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Commonwealth of Virg'a [Virginia] Sct. This Indenture made this Twenty-ninth Day of April in the year of our Lord eighteen Hundred and six Between Anne Muir of the County of Accomac of the one part, and the following negroes to wit Jenny aged forty years, Sam aged Twenty years. Bob aged thirty years. Leah aged Thirty-five years. Hannah aged Twenty-eight years. Alice aged Twenty-two years. Bet aged Seventeen years. Joshua aged fifteen years. Sam of Jenny aged Thirteen years. Humphrey aged Ten years. Sam of Rachel aged Six years. Bridget aged Eight years. Hetty aged nine years. Molly aged Seven years. Leah of Alice aged Two months. of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Anne Muir for and in consideration of the tenderness which she bears toward her aforementioned negroes after they the said negroes do serve for the term of years respectively as herein after specified as she the said Anne Muir shall think proper to Devise by Will of subsequent date to this said instrument. Give, grant alien, enfeoff and confirm, and by these presents doth hereby give, grant, alien, enfeoff and confirm unto them the said negroes and their increase respectively. Viz. Jenny, Sam, Bob, Leah and her increase, Hannah and her increase, Alice and her increase, Bet and her increase, Joshua. Sam of Jenny. Humphrey, Sam of Rachel, Bridget and her increase, Hetty and her increase, Molly and her increase, Leah of Alice and her increase, their Freedom from Slavery upon the express condition that the said negroes herein named do first serve myself and my heirs or Devises to whom by Will I shall hereafter beqeath that portion of their time respectively, before which period they are hereby intended to be and go Free to Wit. Jenny now forty years of Age to serve four years from this date. Sam now Twenty-eight years of age to serve three years from this date. Bob thirty years of age to serve four years from this date. Leah now Thirty-five years of Age to one year from this date, Hannah now Twenty-eight years of Age to serve three years from this date, and her increase if any she have to serve respectively till they attain the Age of Twenty-six years then go free. Alice now Twenty-two years of age to serve four years from this date. Bet now Seventeen years of Age, to serve four years from this date and her increase untill they attain the Age of Twenty six respectively, then go Free. Joshua to serve eleven years from this date now being fifteen years of Age. Humphrey now Ten years of Age to serve sixteen years from this date. Sam of Jenny now thirteen years of age to serve eight years from this date. Sam of Rachel now Six years