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James : Deed of Manumission, Accomack County

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To all christian people to whom these presents shall come Greeting: Know ye That I George Corbin of the Parish and County of Accomack in Virginia for divers good causes and considerations me hereunto moving but more especially from motives of humanity, Justice, and policy, and as it is repugnant to christianity and even common honesty to live in ease and affluence by the labor of those whom fraud and violence have reduced to slavery; (altho sanctified by general consent and supported by the law of the land) Have and by these presents DO manumit and set free the following persons James, Betty senr., Jenny senr., Joshua senr., Betty Junr., Bob, Harry, Spencer, Levin, Abel, Peter, Parker, Lithea, Alicia, Hannah, Amey, Esther, Jenny Junr., Sue, Bob, Liddia, and Will: and that the Identity of the afsd. persons may in future be better known, and thereby their right to freedom firmly secured: I do hereby affix to each and every of them the Sirname [Surname] of Godfree. And I do hereby for myself my heirs Exrs. and admrs. relinquish all my right or title of in and unto the persons afsd. and their increase forever; reserving only to myself my heirs Exrs. or admrs. the power of holding the young ones who are under lawful age in such manner only as negroes born free. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twenty first day of September Anno Domini One thousand seven hundred and eighty seven. Geo. Corbin (Seal)