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Simon : Deed of Manumission, Accomack County

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To al Christian people before whom these presents shall come, Know ye, that I Levin Dixs, of the County of of Accomack, & State of Virginia, being fully assured, that the Divine Author of the Universe, in his Justice, ordained, that each, & every of the human Species, should have the compleat enjoyment, of personal liberty, & as well, be desirous, to immatute [imitate?] the Christian principal, of good Will "Towards Man," Have manumitted liberated & set free, my Several Negro Slaves, as follows, Simon, Betty & her child Leah. And inasmuch as for the sake of distinction in the aforesaid Negroes from other Negroes, which may be hereafter, Set free, a Second Name seems conveniently Necessary; I have in consideration thereof, added the name of Carpenter to each of their respective first names. And lastly I do for myself, my heirs Executors &Administrators, ratify, release, grant, & confirm, unto the aforementioned several Negroes, & their heirs forever, all and Singularly my Right, claim, & Interest of in and unto, any right or property, in any of them, reserving only to me, & my heirs, the right of holding such of them, as are under lawfull age, for and during the the Term, of their respective non age, In Testimony whereof, I have with these presents, set my hand & Seal affixed, this fourteenth day of June 1790[.] Levin Dixs (Seal) Signed Sealed & acknowledged in presence of } John Teackles