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Leah : Deed of Manumission, Accomack County

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To all people before whom these presents shall come greeting know ye that I Abel Teackle of Accomack County in Virginia having weighted in the Scale of Justice, the condition of Slavery am sensibly convinced the it is unwar[r]antable as well by the laws of religion as morality. And that as God originally distributed equally to the human race the unalienable right to the enjoyment of personal liberty so it behooves each man to restore to his fellow creatures that invaluable blessing of which he by unjust & impolitic Laws is possessed. In consideration whereof I have by these presents do emancipate set free & forever discharge from Slavery, my following negroes to witt [wit], Leah, Dilly, Ben, Harry, & James And I do for myself my heirs execs. & Administrators by these presents ratify release grant & confirm unto the aforementioned several Negroes & their heirs, severally forever; all singular my right, title claim or Interest, of in or unto any property or future demand, of personal service, which I now have in him her or any of them, reserving only to myself & my heirs the right of holding such as are under lawful age, for and during the full term of their individual nonage And in as much as it is necessary that a second name be annexed to the above mentioned negroes whereby in Society they may be better known & Identified, I do hereby affix and give the name of Carter to each of their several first names In Testimony whereof I have unto these presents sett my hand and Seal this first day of January Anno Dom. 1791[.] Abel Teackle (seal) turn over