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"Bo" letter to Helen and George "Papa" Hall, Wed. P.M.

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II people are taking up a lot of Ground when they are taking Boys like that and also breaking up homes, when they could have taken so many others that they have deferred. I wrote Mrs Smith a letter the other day. I sure hope little Della gets a long all right, it looks like she has had so hard a time, Dr. Kent said it sure was a bad break, but he said he got a good set, I hope it doesn't leave her little arm stiff. Well tommow we go to the lake to have our Boat Oaring Test. it sure has been cool up here I sleep under a blanket every night. But it is pretty warm during the day. Well I don't guess I will get to come home the 5th to that party but it might be the 10th instead of the 17th when I get my leave. Give my love to all and tell Paulette to stay out of meaness Love always "Bo"