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Poll Book Fourth Magisterial District Botetourt County, State of Virginia, Colored

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Poll Book Fourth District Botetourt Con. [County] Names Colored A Alexandrew Lewis B Barz Robert Butler Emanuel [crossed out] Backs Jackson J Banister William Booze Coleman [crossed out] Coleman Barnett Charles C Bowlery Samuel Burks Clyborn Bowlery Richard Baltimore Jacob Broadus George Branch Henry Banister Alexanden Barrel Andrew Bagley Oliver Brooks Albert Booker Philip Banister Richard Barber Sampson Banks Jeremiah Buckner Thornton Banister John Booker Robert Banister John [name repeated?] Banister James Banister Staunton Berton Charles Brown Robert Banister Jordan C Clarke Lewis Carter Braxton [Junr?] [Clemens?] Booker Clarke Reynolds Coles Nelson Cock John Clarke Henry Clarke Jacob Carter Hanabal D Davis Henry Dillard James Day [Caleb?]