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Poll Book for the 1st District, County of Brunswick, Va., Colored

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Taylor Richard Tanner Edward Taylor Frederick Tillman Grief Thrower Nelson Taylor Ervin Travis Albert Tanner Alphred Tucker Daymond V Valentine Oscar Valentine Edwin Valentine Witcher Valentine Thomas Valentine Henry Valentine Lysanders W Wilkins Douglas Walker Jacob Wilkins Daniel Washington General Watkins [York?] Walker Andrew Wilkins David Wilkins Washington Warrick John H Walker Isac Walker Robert Wilkins Richard Wingfield Philip Wingfield Richard Walker Harrison Watkins Willis Walker Peter Walker Thomas Wilkins Edward Wingfield Archer Wilkins Edward [repeat] Wesson Ephram Wingfield William Watkins Anthony Walker Travis Walker Erasmus Walker Patrick Walker Robert [repeat] Wesson Chamber Walker Moses Wingfield Nelson Wright Peter Wingfield David Wingfield David M Wright Jackson Wilkins Thomas Warrick Samuel Wright Spenser Williams John Wilkins Moses Wilkins Saloman [Solomon] Wingfield Samuel Watkins Owen Woodley Santee Woodley James