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Poll Book for the Second District, County of Brunswick, Va., Colored

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Pole Book for 2nd District Brunswick Va R Roberts William Rivers Arther Rivis York Richmond Major Ransom Mathew Ross Wesley Rice Griffin Rawlings James Ross Thomas Roberson Alexandria S Simmons Ira Simmons Henry Seward Gray Seward Ruffin Seward John Steward John Steward Sterling Stepheson Thadeus Stephison Samuel G T Thrower Nathan Turner Rippin Taylor Elijah Thrower Lewis Travis Abraham Thrower Samuel Tucker William Thomas Wm H Thrower Peter Thrower Robert Tucker Wadkins W Wilkins Frederick Walker Burwell Walker Armstead Walker Lewis Ward Mathew Winfield Alfred Watkins Chas W Wheeler Wm Washington George Watkins Peter Wilkins Edward Williams Samuel Wesson William Wesson Pascal Wyche Charles