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Poll Book for the Fourth (4th) District, County of Brunswick, Va., Colored

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Hill, John Hammack, Freman T. Hatchett, Jno [John] Hite, Saunders High, Harper Hicks, Emanuel Harrison, Toby Hawkins, Thomas Hawthorn, Samuel Hamblet, Doctor Hicks, Robt Henderson, Stephen Hill, William Hatchett, John (2) Hicks, Richard Hill, Daniel

I Irby, Ryal Ingraham, Jesse Irvin, Edward

J Jones, Geo [George] H Johnson, Ferry Jackson, Robt [Robert] Johnson, Peter Jones, Cisero Jackson, David Johnson, Hampton Jackson, Jos [Joseph] B Jackson, Frederick Johnson, Pompy Johnson, Richd [Richard] Johnson, Joseph Jones, William Jones, David Jones, Wyley Jones, William Johnson, Claiborne Jones, Richard Johnson, Toby Jones, James Johnson, John Johnson, John Jr Jackson, Philip Jackson, William Johnson, Jackson Jones, Harrison Johnson, Henry Jones, Joseph Jones, Charles

K King, Pharrah