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Poll Book for the Fourth (4th) District, County of Brunswick, Va., Colored

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Peterson, Adam Peebles, William Palmer, Thomas

Q Quarles, Henry

R Rounds, Jesse Rhodes, David Reid, Elijah Reid, Clement Rhodes, Alfred Jr Rhodes, Alfred Robertson, Edward Rice, Byron Reid, Pompey Rhodes, Randal Rhodes, Nicholas Rice, Nicholas Rice, Argus Rice, Stepney Rhodes, Moses

S Simmons, Isham Strange, Daniel Scott, Edward Sturdivant, Ruffin Scott, Williamson Sea, William Stevenson, Doctor Stewart, Griffin Shaw, Charles Stith, Griffin Stith, James Short, Embra Smith, Jno [John] Small, Richd [Richard] J

T Taylor, Scott Thompson, Patrick Tapley, Edward Taylor, Hartwell Tucker, Lewis Tucker, Jno [John] Fitzgerald, Lewis Thompson, Doctor S Tucker, Jerry Turner, Edward Thompson, Moses Taylor, Henry Taylor, Thomas Towler, Alexandre Taylor, Allen Tucker, Joseph Tucker, Edmund Thompson, Jordon