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Poll Book for the Seventh (7th) District, County of Brunswick, State of Virginia, Colored

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A Adkins, Alfred Arrington, Qually Allen, David Arrington, Jesse Adams, Lazras Adams, John

B Bolling, Adam Burwell, Armstead Blick, John Blick, Fred Bonner, Ezera Blick, Ellick Brandon, Moses Brown, Benj. Brown, Godfrey Brooks, Thomas Brook, Albert Brown, Wm. Bonner, Abraham Bolling, Wm. Bland, Jefferson Brown, Jesse Brown, Washington Blackwell, Samuel Boothe, Thomas Brown, Daniel

C Coleman, Austin Coleman, Jessie Camp, Edward Coleman, Thomas Cal,l Daniel Coleman, James

D Dunn, Davy Davis, John Dennis, Mansor Deamon, Freeman Dennis, Robert Doyle, Wm Draper, Richard Doin, Eaton Davis, Amos

E Edmunds, John Edmunds, John, Sr. Edwards, George Edwards, Mathew

F Fields, Wm Ferguson, Wm Fisher, George Fields, Golar Ford, Lewis