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Poll Book for the Seventh (7th) District, County of Brunswick, State of Virginia, Colored

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G Goodrich, William Goldsburry, James Goodwyn, Green Greene, Thomas Good, Phillip Granderson, Wm. Green, Peter Gibbons, Samuel Green, Burwell Greene, William Goldsburg, Gideon

H Hines, Allen Harwell, Manuel Hayes, John Harwill, Sterling Hardy, Kurt. Holeman, Cornelius Hamlin, Alex. Hall, Doctor Hicks, Wm. Haskins, John Hall, Claborn Hicks, Henry Hill, Samuel Hill, Benjamin Hill, Alexander Harwell, Charles Harwell, Ephram Harrison, Nathaniel Hankins, Wilson

J Jones, Fredrick Jones, Davy Jones, Fredrick Jones, Thomas Jackson, Harry Jackson, Andrew Jackson, Frank James, Anderson Jackson, Pompy Jones, Albert James, Sterling Jones, Alexander Jackson, Augustus Johnson, David Jones, Edwin Jefferson, Lewis Jones, Patrick Jones, Randall Jones, Paschal

K Kelly, Ira

L Lanier, James Lanier, Hartwell Lundy, Czear Love, Fredrick