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Poll Book for the Seventh (7th) District, County of Brunswick, State of Virginia, Colored

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S Smith, Doctor Simmons, Isaac Short, Peter Stokes, Henry Simmons, Joshua Sturdivant, Cain Stokes, James Simmons, Bird Stark, Jefferson Scott, Simon Spain, David Smith, Archer Smith, Sonk Spencer, David Spencer, Edmund Stokes, Franklin Short, Cato

T Taylor, Parham Thomas, Aaron Tazwell, David Trusty, Robert Trusty, Richard Trusty, Douglas Turner, Wm Tatum, Henry Tucker, Thomas Turner, Nicklos

V Vaugan, Wyatt

W Walker, Henry Walker, Kit Wesson, Willis Wyche, John Taylor White, Michael Williams, John Walton, James Williams, Edmund Walker, Henry no. 2 Washington, George Wilkins, Anthony H Wilkins, Stepney Washington, Mingo Washington, Ferry Wilson, Sterling Walker, Jacob Wall, John H Wyatt, Henry White, Robert Williams, Berry Wilkins, James Wyce, Wilkins Walker, Henry Worthington, Harry Wynn, James