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Caroline and Cecil Burleigh letters, undated

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Camp of Buckingham Legion near Kelley's Ford Virginia August 29th

My Dear Sergt Your kind letter of some days since was received while on the march & as I had no oppertunity [sic] to write for some time I lost your whereabout thinking possably [sic] you had gone back to [Paroll?] camp but a letter from Sherwood a day or two since spoke of your being still at home so I hasten to answer. In regard to your geting [sic] the [apointed?] to help get the conscripts togather [sic] I could do nothing as Capt. Welch was recomended [sic] before I knew that any detail was to be made from the regt besides your paroll [sic] would not have permited [sic] you to perform such a duty Your chances are no [number] one for a lieutenancy as soon as the regt gets filled up so that the vacancies can be filled I hope you will soon be exchanged as your presence would render your promotion unconditional. Ross is now back & he has assured me that you have a just claim to promotion