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Caroline and Cecil Burleigh letters, undated

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[missing page?] had'nt have enlisted you would'nt have had to have gone I guess; for all the drafted men here are getting clear, all getting certificates; & these men that volunteered at the last moment before the draft, are high. I can tell you, Sam Todd swears he wont go any way. I guess a good many of them will get off for I hear that they are not sworn in. they have gone into camp - (or are to go) in Middletown. I should try & tell you as far as I know, who were drafted, & who volunteered; but I suppose you might have heard before you left New Haven. Henry has'nt said anything to me about taking Fanny yet. I suppose he is waiting for me to say something. I wish you would write him a line, & say to him what you wanted to, about the harness; that is, if he takes her: Mr. Edward sold his horse yesterday. Elford came

[upside down at top of page] Mother has been drying some pears, she thinks you will like some sent to you. I wish I could send you some pears from those grafts they are getting nice now.