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Caroline and Cecil Burleigh letters, undated

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up this morning to get Fanny to use a little to day, & I let him have her. I went down there this afternoon. Mr. Ed, carried the idea (of course) that he sold his horse, because, he did'nt [sic] feel able to keep a horse, but seemed to think that he would like to take Fanny & keep her a while this fall, said he would feed her well, & get her up in better shape, & talked some as if he would keep her through the winter, if we wanted to have him bad enough, to furnish some hay, he was in a hurry, said he would see me again in a few days; I wish you were here to settle the business. I dont know but Henry is depending on her, & will be disappointed. When you write tell me what you think Boss say's if he takes her, he will keep her well shod &c, & that when O Bryan digs the potatoes, that Elford will get them in, if we want him to, free from charge. I dont see when Robert is going to get time to do any thing for he has work in the shop steady now. Mrs Bryan does all the chores, she says to night that "she all ways expects to work hard in this world, but she hopes she shant have to work in the next". she says she is so happy to live here, that she feels as if she was the richest woman in Hamden. Col Pardee is at aunt Sarah's come Saturday, some say he has resigned some say that he took french leave in a fit of delirium, he has been very delirious since he came home, & to day he has a fever I believe. I dont know how sick he is. I believe he had a Dr from New Haven yesterday. Lyman Goodyear went to see him Monday, to see if he could'nt [sic] get him to show them something about military drill. he Col Pardee was out of his head. Aunt Sarah said that he told Lyman, that he should arm these new recruits with hoe's, as they