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Caroline and Cecil Burleigh letters, undated

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but it didn't come, but I hope it will to morrow night, Louise [young daughter] says tonight. "you did'nt [sic] get letter Mama, I sorly Mama you did'nt [sic] get letter from papa tonight", dear little one, she has had a fall tonight that worries me some, there has been a aid society meeting at the [illegible], Mrs James came in just at night, & wanted to see some of the things, (they keep them here) & I opened the hall door, into the front hall. I left Louise with mother & hurried out of door for it was getting late & I had'nt [sic] picked up things, & done the chores, in a few moments I had occasion to come in, & just as I came, I heard a heavy fall in the front hall. I ran & picked baby up, she had fell down stairs, but I dont know how far she was up them, there was quite a bump raised on her temple. I put on cold water & bound on brown paper wet with cold water, & she seemed to feel as well as ever, but about an hour afterwards she had a vomiting spell, once or twice when I have told Dr of her having a fall, he would ask immediately, how it affected her, if she vomited, she never has before after falling & it worried me a good deal, but perhaps I should'nt [sic] have felt so troubled about it, if I had'nt [sic] have been very nervous & tired. She is in her cradle now, sleeping quietly & I hope we shant see any more of the effects of the fall. She has been out with me a good share of the day, & felt guilty then because I did'nt [sic] keep her with me, but it was getting towards night & I had so much to see to, Oh if God should see fit to take her; it seems as if I should go crazy, but you must'nt [sic] give your self unnecessary trouble about it, for you know I am easily frightened when I think anything is the matter with any [of] my few dear ones. I wish I might know of you, to night they say that Mark wrote home in a letter they had last night, that fever was getting into the regiment I am very sorry to hear that, try & take as good care of yourself as you can. I am so afraid they will send you off south father [farther] if they do I fear so much for you; Oh how I wish I had you home, where if sickness was

[upside down at bottom] Mother sends love. I dont happen to have but one extra postage stamp on hand, that I will put on a envelope and send along.