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Caroline and Cecil Burleigh letters, undated

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[continued from Image 1] [on] Hooker, they say that he could have driven & beat the rebels, but he lacked the courage to give the command & some say that he has done the best thing he could. I felt all the time that he had a deal of work to do. & a great deal to contend with, when he undertook with Lee & Jackson & I hate to hear people setting at their ease tell what he might have done, it can be no small job to head such an army, & plan & execute. when our county looks more to God for help. & relies less on man alone. I shall have some hope that this tide of death & distruction [sic] may be stayed. Loulu wants to know if I am writing to her poor dear papa she says she wants to kiss Papa. She thinks a deal of the picture you sent home. she hugs it & kisses & talks to it half the time, or would if I would let her have it. I let her take it some, but I am afraid she will spoil it. I must draw this scrawl to an end. I am comperitevely [comparatively] easy about you to night & yet, I cant feel quite right untill [sic] I hear direct from you. dont be discouraged & disheartened so as to affect your health. I trust all will be right yet. Mother sends love, & accept much love & numberless kisses from your devoted wife. C A Barliegh What a pity that the 11th Army Corps, gave out, & run, aint you glad it was'nt [sic] the 12th?