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Caroline and Cecil Burleigh letters, undated

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business here. Mr Keith is going to take 20 bushels of Potatoes at 45 cents per bushel. Henry is to take them to him. I believe there was about 50 bushel in the back lot, & little over 20 in Aunt Sarah lot. I have thought of asking Jim Leek to take some, & get us some mackerel. Henry says he means to get the stalks off Aunt Sarah's lot this week, William husked some Tuesday, but we have had rainy weather ever since Wendesday [sic] morning untill [sic] yesterday. I wonder if you poor fellows have to lie on the ground, without shelter when it rains. I do hope they wont [illegible] you in to battle soon, I should think they might have seen the folly of putting these new regiments into the front of battle, unless their object is to kill [some] of our best men. If you should have to go, dont be reckless dont fling away your life; it is worth more than you seem to talk. if you should have to go, wont you read in that little book I gave you what it says about wounds, stopping the flow of blood &c God grant that I have not got to hear of you as wounded & suffering on the battle feild [sic] . the very thought takes my breath, & makes my tears flow like rain, it dont seem as if I could bear the reality; When the 15th went I was glad you was'nt [sic] to go in that because you would have had to have gone sooner, now I wish you had been in their regiment for they are not likely to have much fighting to do at present. If you should get killed or die there, as far as I myself am concerned, I shant care much how the war goes any way. Mrs John Hall & Martha were here yesterday to dinner. Mrs Hall had her baby it isn't very handsome, but she is quite forward about talking, but she does not run alone yet & she is 15 months old. Martha said she had a long letter from you. Mrs Hall thought that you was quite partial to give Martha your picture, & not give one to her, when you used to live with her. I thought so